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    • Best case scenario we can bully a bunch of clubs with a 1/5th 1/10th of our budget while our owners cover our losses. Big whoop.
    • No faith at all they'll beat Cherries.
    • I think the people claiming that they are "looking forward to the Championship" are lying to themselves. Premier League is the place to be, and it's where the opportunities open up for more prestigious games. "Yeah but all you can hope for is to make up the numbers at best". Bollox. Leicester say hello, Wolves say hello, Sheffield United etc say hello. On a more selfish level, it makes it harder for me to watch games. Typical I have a 2 year contract with BEIN Sports to watch us since we got promoted as well ffs.
    • Propping up the housing market may mean that some builders don't go bust. It's still just reaching in to the bag marked 'unimaginative' and pulling out something to do with the housing market as this government and pretty much all before them have done over the past few decades.  
    • This is classic VT, its the if I lived in this street I can only go to the park but the next street can drive to lands end if they want. It will suit some people's situations which is good for them. For others it'll make no difference. Doesn't mean its a waste of time.  
    • Not sure about that. The financials have been cooked for a while, and there's been rumours about shady accounting for a long time, but financial reports during covid had has put pressure on companies to clarify liquidity and deleveraging in general. At least that's my impression. Maybe it's completely unrelated, but either way I don't think it's the last big company to fall this year.  How is hertz these days btw?  I'm still waiting on a huge oil service bankruptcy. It's hard to imagine it won't happen.  Or car carriers. Wouldn't be surprised of a major player threw their cards here. 
    • 'Housebuilders' and 'homeowners in the south-east of England' are just two different Conservative constituencies, albeit often in conflict with one another. It's nice for them to be able to find a policy that pleases both for a change.
    • It’s good news for sellers not buyers. Buyers who had a budget of 150000 can now give it all to the seller in any bidding war, instead of giving some of it to the government. These sorts of incentives always end up driving prices up. 
    • I'm not dismissing it at all, it was impressive but at the same time that team should not have been that far away from a play off spot. 
    • But if I thought my job was in jeopardy, I’m not convinced £5,000 discount on a £250,000 house would settle my nerves? But then I suppose a pizza voucher wouldn’t either, so perhaps I’m just not the target market.

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