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    • Grealish has been a loyal servant for us since he was 6 years old, I’m not a club insider but I’d put money on there being offers made for him in that time. Us fans don’t know how much our club wants for any of our players, this figure of £80m being banded about for Grealish is a mixture of press speculation and hearsay from our own fans. I sometimes see Kevan Grealish (Jack’s brother) or Jack’s Dad in the local area, I’ll try and get an inside scoop next time but I’m making no guarantees, I reiterate I am not a club insider and I don’t profess to be. I obviously want Grealish to stay at Villa but we don’t know his personal career alms 
    • Villa, Watford, Brightom, Bournemouth, Norwich and West Ham the bad guys for these fucktards in media and social media No surprise Mings taking a ton of abuse as nobody reads the actual article
    • Not so much, jalapeño pilsner perhaps the strangest, which was well a spicy lager as described. 
    • Vassilev surely above in the pecking order given he had a couple of sub games in January.
    • Anyone know if Sunjic has been any good at SHA? He's a DLP so perhaps someone we can get on the relative cheap. Only 23, lots of caps for Croatia under 21s and 1 for the senior team although would be another development signing. Strikes me as a better deal than Jude Bellingham.
    • Jaydon Sancho Hattrick today, only a matter of time before he moves to one of the PL big boys. 
    • Yeah ISS was far lower than normal. I had to switch to a spot with a lower horizon I wouldn’t have seen it from my usual spot. Of the people I do the chatting with, I was the only one to see it this time around, had to search around to find people that had seen same thing at the same time in the same place.  ISS going over in about 5 minutes or so I think (haven’t checked), see that in this light and you really are doing well.  
    • I've had a day off the beers today. Purchased a few ciders and they're chilling in the fridge next week. 
    • always thought it was “Jew “  ... could have sworn that’s how I’ve only ever heard it referred as , not that it comes up a lot in conversation   

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