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    • I've just messed up my beard and will have to trim it right back or even shave it. Such a rookie.
    • That's the spirit! Ever heard the expression, "The truth will set you free"? Unfortunately all this (what you've described) is terribly plausible, simply because it's what we're used to. When you really start questioning this though.. Say: 'Is that the way I have to assume life is? I know everybody does, but does that make it true?' It doesn't, necessarily; it ain't necessarily so. And, so then, as you question this basic assumption that underlies our culture, you find that you get a new understanding. It becomes completely obvious to you. "In the hold of the paper that fold At one time was related to gold Made many men lose their soul To the price of the dice that roll How can a light so bright make a man so cold? So another man's plans unfold Can you really see the truth til it happens to you Its so severe what the hopeless will do" I know my post is totally off-topic, but have faith and hope @Ingram85 even if it's only in yourself, for now. Ive said it before and I'll say it again, you are the universe experiencing itself. If you are rotten to the core, that will be the experience of the universe. If you are apathetic, that will be the experience of the universe. If you decide the masses are feeble and meek opposed to  a few 'elite'.. Then we are not living in a democracy, which means 'power of the people'. Not, 'power over the people'.
    • Well you can't argue with his two goals but his overall contribution I think is terrible. He just looks way out of his depth at this level. For a man with his pace he is no ineffective it's unbelievable. Traore a similar player was x3 the player trez was in Sunday.    
    • You get a bonus execution as the half time entertainment
    • Not to forget that Malta is a massive tax haven, flushed with gambling money as well as moving dodgy money about.
    • There are exceptional circumstances of course, but when they just walk straight into the adjacent trap questions need to be asked.
    • Can't hurt. It's definitely considered professional attire. I doubt anyone would deem it inappropriate, perhaps unnecessary, but I doubt you'll be marked down for it. I have come across a recruitment consultant who I heard was a word removed and would throw anything and everything at you to make you sweat and not put you forward for the job. She lived up to her reputation, surprisingly, as I thought I could handle difficult people, but she had a knack for telling you every reason why you couldn't do the most basic work. Entry level stuff, and she would just openly tell you why she thought you wouldn't cut it, without knowing you or having met you previously. Spiel was that she needs to filter those who are up to it from those who aren't, so that as a recruitment consultant she maintains positive relations with employers. Understandable, but it was beyond a joke how pathetic and negative this woman was, something seriously wrong with her. I'd tell her an answer, and she'd reflex rebut it. It should be about if the candidate can do the work, not how much bullying they can tolerate whilst convincing someone who opposes everything with unfounded put downs. Even she wouldn't be able to knock you for being presentable and dressing with the intent to impress. Regardless of how ridiculous and unnecessary I think suits are for everyday attire. It's still universally considered professional.    
    • Surely there has to be some addendums? For example, going to the furthest stall and it's blocked with shit and paper. The seat in the next one in covered in piss and you don't want to clean it off and risk "somebody else's piss hand."   What happens if the only place left is next to a full trap?

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