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    • look at Smiths speech after the play off the final - total respect for the manager - a good combination of "well done" but "keep on track" - excellent stuff - but it counted for nothing when we tried to mix it in the prem. Remi Garde was often praised for how he conducted himself in press conferences !!!!!   As you say all bollocks - its a results business
    • The data is clear that the average age of first-time buyers is getting older 🤷‍♂️
    • So putting recently injured plauers (mcGinn) at risk of reinjury by overplaying them isn't enough of a reason to criticise? I like the bloke, and were we still in the championship, i would be delighted to have him here.  But he has consistently shown that he is tactically naieve, is unable or unwilling to change a game, and has poor game management.  I'd add that i think he has issues motivating his players, as its very rare we come out better after a half time team talk. I'm afraid the DS experiment hasn't worked, and its time to move on. I say again, i don't dislike him, he just isn't good enough.
    • Classic bit of Sod’s law innit.   Been looking forward to this for weeks since it was announced and looking like a bloody washout on day one.
    • Affordable housing schemes and right to buy council house schemes are still around (not perfect, but opportunities).
    • Yep mostly reactionary social media, brought to my attention by my Dad (Wolves fan), so I had a little browse. Just saying, the amount your lot love to hammer our fans they should probably look a little closer to home first.
    • Sure, if you don't worry about any downstream political consequences for people being increasingly unable to get onto the housing ladder until middle age, it's a good idea.
    • I was going to say exactly the same...…. I don't see whats amazing about this HT team talk at all...…….its just "get stuck in, work harder, fight more" If this was a video of steve bruce saying the same hed probably get petrol bombed right after being labelled a "dinosaur" load of bollocks
    • Again, that's just the upper limit. It doesn't mean only wealthy people will be benefitting from the scheme. There's lots of people who still want to move in this economy and this is an incentive It helps support the construction industry too. Then there's the mortgage lenders, surveyors, estate agencies, solicitors, removal companies etc. Its one idea that benefits a lot of people. Because doesn't benefit everyone in the country, or those hardest hit doesn't mean it shouldn't happen.

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