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    • If he wants to be considered for England, he will have to leave. Southgate basically said that for Grealish last season. If we sell Mings and Grealish but keep Heaton, Luiz and Mcginn that would be a good result. Luiz might want to leave as well though.
    • Id take that right now !
    • As I said yesterday, by FT on Sunday we will know more so where we will be next season. Watford win on sat and we lose on Sunday it’s curtains. Tomorrow is a free hit (hate that saying) but we could really do with a positive result and a goal from a striker for some belief.    Kept me up all night last night this ☹️ 
    • They are looking for a left footed CB apparently with Ake as a possible target. Mings might be another possibility.
    • Hand waving our run of 9 games without a win away. "I don't see it as 9 games, this is a new season so it's 5".
    • Why on earth have people got it into their heads that Smith is likely to keep his job if we go down, as I carefully illustrated the other day we've already gone nine games without a win, and if we get relegated that will mean we will have won no more than a few more games between now and the end of season, so at best will have won just a few of our last fourteen games, if we even manage to win that many, he isn't going to survive after that. At the start of the season Purslow was boasting about how much the owners had spent and how they'd given us the best possible chance to succeed, they won't want to be seen keeping on a manager who has failed so badly after the investment they've put in. And I say that as someone who's not desperate to see him go, my opinion is only replace him if we can do so with someone notably better, a genuine top class manager, no point in just swapping him for someone likey Dyche, Hughton or so on. Although if he were to stay I think we would have to act swiftly if we got off to a bad start, if we were to keep him just because we were in touching distance of the play-offs we'd be making the same mistake we made under Bruce, need to be challenging for that top two.  
    • In all fairness I tap figures etc into right move, if prices are inflated I won’t see them. If a 150,000 house looks like a 125,000, then I won’t buy it. Its good news for me as a buyer. 
    • Reducing or eliminating stamp duty benefits existing homeowners, as it inflates the market and leads to increased prices.
    • It stops house builders going bust because people have stopped buying new houses
    • They look stacked in midfield. Everton's problem is they sign too many i think.

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