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    • I agree with your view on the Premier League. The players were asked to take a page cut to save normal people’s jobs and they found every excuse they could not to. The best excuse being that they wanted to pay as much tax as possible to save the NHS! Well fire your expensive accountants and just pay the tax you should then. Or heaven forbid pay it out of your money after tax! But don’t worry Jordan Henderson is arranging a whip round. Whatever happened to that I don’t know. In the end they decided that taking a knee and wearing a T-shirt was preferable. They felt morally superior and saved a fortune, job done. Representatives for Wellingborough. 
    • Cash flow is the big killer, especially for the big housing builders. If it keeps people pushing money through the system they can ride it out better and stops them going under. Most people buying a new house have to sell their current older house. I expect it’ll keep things ticking over rather than increase stocks, maybe even less stock... but more than if they were allowed to tank.
    • Look, hopefully I’m wrong and £10k off a £400,000 house triggers the market to a noticeable measurable extent. I’d certainly benefit from that, so here’s hoping somebody can quote my pessimism back at me in 6 months time with proof of the benefit.      
    • A cluster of VillaTalk have chosen Pochettino (providing we escape relegation). If we go down, then Dyche or Allerdyce by the looks of things...  
    • I'll be honest. I hate the champ apart from our 10 game run. 1st season I expected it to be tough but not that tough. 2nd season we should have got autos and 3rd season we were terrible until the run of games. We need to be in the PL to try and flex our muscle a bit. 
    • He’s been massively let down by the recruitment, but then again that doesn’t excuse his apparent lack of tactical awareness.    If he does get sacked though, I currently have no idea who would and should be next in line.    i just don’t know 
    • How much per player is that though? We had a turnover of 30 players more or less. Smith should stay, in a lot of ways he's paying for getting us promoted first go to then face the most ridiculous summer by fault of the previous regime at the club. We had to gamble on players in the price bracket we were forced into because of the sheer numbers we needed, not enough of the gambles worked. We are 5 players short of being competitive at this level. I would back Smith to keep a core of a team together, be backed to build on that and to get us back up again with a squad that will need some additions but not a total rebuild.
    • Well I think a lot of people looking to buy a house, myself included, put things on hold when Covid hit because of financial uncertainty both personally and with the economy, and also the potential for house prices to fall as a result of that meant it didn't seem like the best time to buy even if you could still afford to. But now you're effectively being told if you go and buy that house you were thinking of buying 4 months ago you'll save 5 grand, 7 grand, 10 grand whatever. I know it doesn't quite work as simply as that. But it's a good incentive for people to start buying again. It's certainly got me thinking that it might be time to start looking again. At the very least waiting for 4 months to buy will have saved me 10 grand... or rather the 10 grand I had set aside (mentally) for paying stamp duty can now be spent on the deposit or a new kitchen or whatever. It's not as simple as saying £5k of a £250k house is a tiny amount. It's not like it's coming off your mortgage. You have to pay it up front. So it's £5k off your up front fees for buying the house. So if you're buying a £250k house with a 10% deposit, you're paying £30k up front (25k deposit, 5k stamp duty) plus moving fees etc obviously Now you only have to pay the deposit up front. £5k saving on £30k is far more attractive.
    • Nope I hate the Premier League its not football just greedy bunch of scumbags as shown by this season. I like football not an international corporation and happier to be out of it. The only interest I have is that my team happens to play in it.  Harder for me to watch games as well but still better than being in this scum league 
    • Well, my job is linked to construction and the housing market in a big way. Perhaps I’ll be lucky and be very wrong. Almost the opposite of a myopic world view. From a couple of schemes I’m currently involved in, I’ll be able to tell you pretty quickly if it leads to more housing stock being developed.    

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