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    • I get the impression some on here think that a player has to be perfect to be good. He got some things wrong today, but he did a lot right too. Even the best players are like that.
    • Man of class.  
    • He has all good attributes but his decision making needs a lot of improvement. 
    • Look at the shit they got away with, then remember that time Watkins got sent off for a "dive". **** infuriating.
    • Averaging 7.15 on WhoScored. Took his header very well, looks to be one or two steps of some when seeking to play it out, sometimes think he does not always have to take as many touches or flicks when overcrowded in the middle. Leicester targeted him a lot in the game. Delicious back heel during the second half to launch an attack. Many suffered from a poor, flat-footed first half, I don't get the hate. He's become too easy of a scapegoat for some.
    • Just wanted to flag up this post from @M_Afro in the pre match post. Have to copy it as can’t quote from a different locked thread. It inspired me to have a very rare bet. Went for 2-1 with Watkins and Buendia any time goal scorers. On another day what could have been! Couldn’t be happier to have lost my money! Hope you won a couple of quid mate. UTV!      It’s my son’s seventh birthday on Sunday. He was born in Leicester on a weekend where we actually played Leicester at Villa Park. We went one down and all the nurses were giving me stick because I had bought my son a villa baby grow and they were all Leicester supporters. We can back to win 2-1!   That’s gotta be a good Omen. Get your money on 2-1 Villans. UTV  
    • His final ball is bloody awful, which is surprising as he used to be a winger, defensively did well today
    • Rough first half for him. You have to say that first goal might have been his though Konsa’s cleat tickle kept it inside the post. He got better as the game went on and had some nice touches and that hooked back heel when we were pinned in was lovely. The turnover in the first half was a couple players and not just him.

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