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Aston Villa Review: Episode 168 - Villa disappointed with a point at Brighton

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A Friday night fixture took Aston Villa to the new home of Brighton & Hove Albion for the first time last week, and Steve Bruce's side came away with a very respectable 1-1 draw against one of the most highly-rated teams in the Football League Championship. Nathan Baker scored Villa's goal in a game that left us with mixed feelings.

Most Villa supporters would've been happy enough with a draw if offered beforehand, but the performance in the second half especially deserved all three points. In this week's show Chris and Steve focus on the positives of the Brighton game before looking ahead to Saturday's home game against Cardiff City.

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    • Like Bruce said a little while ago,  we must get out of the habit where every time we lose a match, it's a crisis. WE must stop thinking about matches as "season-defining". We had a terrible run in December and that didn't "define" our season, so why should one match tomorrow?
    • A game of millimeters, Sweden lost by one point today, on the last stone
    • http://metro.co.uk/2018/02/17/passenger-drops-farts-so-putrid-pilot-is-forced-to-make-emergency-landing-7320242/ Here I was thinking the "Dutch Oven" was something they'd be OK with...
    • The issue appears to be that one 'faction' in the game is portrayed in a poor light, which ties into longstanding racist tropes in the region, but is actually inaccurate. Which becomes more troublesome when the game claims to strive for accuracy, and also when one of its main creators is a word removed with views shared by groups that will eat up the subtle hints in the games politics. I've no idea either, and I've not played the game (and likely won't), but it's probably worth mentioning. Usually I can remove the art from the artist, in this case... There's too much smoke and a leading light is someone whose views deserve short shrift.
    • Tough game tomorrow, must admit I don't fancy our chances if Jack/Adomah are out. Having said that, PNE played most the second half on Saturday with 10 men, so in theory we should be fresher. Echo what others have said - a big NO to Onomah. He is total dogshit and a waste of a shirt
    • Some pretty cool pictures from the figure skating.
    • Apparently this is the 3rd person who (might have) tested positive for an illegal substance in Curling. The first was a Canadian who tested positive for Cocaine in 2006 Then a Danish woman who took a hormone to help her get pregnant as she had a problem with her ovaries. And now this Russian guy who claims a fellow compatriot spikes his drink out of spite for not getting picked for the Olympics. For once I almost think it could be true. The benefits for doping in Curling surely doesn't outweigh the risks? Then again people are morons so who knows... Edit: Curling by the way is surprisingly fun to play. Really recommend trying it if you get the chance. 
    • Yes, Hogan not scored in the past 2 matches so he can't grumble that he's dropped in the middle of a scoring spree. I fear it might knock his confidence but we need whats best for the team.
    • Yes, I'd heard this suggestion too, but a guy with a huge amount of interest in that period not linked to the game posted on GC that it is accurate - there was no influx of immigrants in Bohemia unlike other parts of Europe at the time.  I'm purely going by what I've read by those on both sides of the fence, though. I don't really know which is true.