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Aston Villa Review: Episode 168 - Villa disappointed with a point at Brighton

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A Friday night fixture took Aston Villa to the new home of Brighton & Hove Albion for the first time last week, and Steve Bruce's side came away with a very respectable 1-1 draw against one of the most highly-rated teams in the Football League Championship. Nathan Baker scored Villa's goal in a game that left us with mixed feelings.

Most Villa supporters would've been happy enough with a draw if offered beforehand, but the performance in the second half especially deserved all three points. In this week's show Chris and Steve focus on the positives of the Brighton game before looking ahead to Saturday's home game against Cardiff City.

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    • Nope, he was utterly dreadful from my recollection! Couldn't spot a pass, always looking inside and easily pushed out the game.
    • Lyden featured for the U23s today so cannot see him being involved at all.
      I am guessing Bruce doesn't rate him as part of his plans at all?
    • The whole proposal/marriage thing from start to finish is outdated and bizarre to the modern world though really isn't i? I don't have a problem following it, if it makes people happy because that's how they feel things should be done.
    • My last 12 months of holidays: Oct 16 - Barcelona Dec 16 - Lanzarote Feb 17 - Iceland Mar 17 - Malta Apr 17 - Somerset May 17 - Crete Aug 17 - Belgium & Denmark  Sep 17 - Norway & Sweden and separately to Croatia (to come) Been a good year!
    • London is a god damn shit tip, horrific place. 
    • If we win the 3rd round draw is at 4.15am live from beijing... Suppose it can't be worse than the draw for the last round
    • If Rafa does decide to leave Newcastle he will be heading to the upper echelons of the top European Leagues. He only stayed at Newcastle because of "the fans" or rather the fact that he would have a big budget and wage. It was a massive coup for Newcastle to keep him after the relegation, lets not forget that. He will not be heading back to the Championship anytime soon even if we could offer him the world (which would be unlikely).  The reality is that we are not an attractive option and if we fire managers every season who would want to manage us? Whilst Bruce is doing everything he can to annoy the fans and we are (rightly) getting annoyed with the football, given the alternatives,  we are almost sadly better off with Bruce. Jokanovic or Stam would probably be more interesting but would they really jump ship to manage us so early on in the season? Unlikely - Jokanovic maybe given the rumoured difficulties at Fulham but if Bruce was put in that list, would you really rather Peason, Warnock, Moyes?!  I would rather @lapal_fan as manager over Moyes! (I can't believe I thought he was the best option 12 months ago...). Bruce this season is currently on 2 1/2 games being diabolically awful, 1 1/2 games actually good (I am not counting Colchester - that pitch was barely playable and for the Hull game, I think I am being generous giving Bruce the full half being good). Norwich has given him some breathing space but it won't be long as whether this thread remains a live one. 
    • Could be a very good player, looks up and tries to pick a pass/player/cross.   I do hope that as he has missed a few lately, he goes back for extra training on finishing.
    • I still think Hogan has a place, his movement is good, he doesn't hide, and hes still eager .Off a proper CF I still think he has a lot to offer.