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Aston Villa Review: Episode 167 - Villa win again to move up the table

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Aston Villa haven't taken 11 points from 15 games since long before Aston Villa Review began, but that's exactly what new manager Steve Bruce has achieved since taking over. Okay, so it's in the Championship, but that's no guarantee of anything. Saturday's 2-1 home win over Blackburn Rovers was Villa's third under Bruce, and takes them up to 14th.

In this week's show Chris and Steve talk about Villa's latest win and the current state of play, and discuss their wishes for the Villa Park redevelopment that Tony Xia teased last week. Filled-in corners? Not for us, thanks. And, of course, we talk about the supporters' relationship - such as it is -with midfielder Ashley Westwood.

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    • Go to sleep and set the alarm, its the best way. 
    • Didn’t realise that the cross city line was on bus replacement as well...! Ah well, thank McGrath for Uber!  At coach station now waiting for the 10am bus. Not busy yet but more villa fans are coming in...
    • Apologies if mentioned previously, but it’s apparently 36 years to the day since we won the European Cup.  DESTINY?!?!
    • I got really drunk on whisky last night, I think I'm still a bit drunk, hopefully I'll be able to see the game from my castle thing in Perth, not Dundee like I thought it was. I was walking back from a little walk in the highlands and I shouted something just to test the quietness and I scared a pheasant enough to make it fly into a fence - so I hope he's ok. I've also got itchy ankles which makes me think the midges have got me. I trod in cow shit, that might be lucky, luckily it was dry. Took me ages to drive here too, like, 7 hours and it was so boring.. Oh and I helped push a tree over, that took ages and it was hard work, but it fell over in the end, as it went down I shouted "Timberrrrrr-ton!". It wasn't a particularly big tree, but I had to destroy the bark around the bottom of the tree to weaken it. So on that basis I think sessenogn is 17. We have Terry who is more than twice that, add in Albert Adomah who is very friendly and nice to fans, minus Mitrovic who is considered an arsehole by his own parents and he doesn't score in the PL much, divided by Kodjia, who.has very elastic legs and I guess this means we'll win by a narrow margin of 1000 points. As the players climb the steps, the arch over Wembley will fall over and reveal the 2 towers from the old Wembley, villa will laugh because we lost in the 2000 fa cup final and Benito Carbone will score the hat-trick again.  Dion nutted savage and Robert Pires will come onto the pitch with his zimmer frame and have a wave.  Patrick Berger will give his interview and tell us that he played for Liverpool and had a very hard shot and we'll all say "alright Patrick, we know you played for Liverpool and have a hard shot". Mark Delany will carry on telling the kids how to play because he's a coach.  The ghosts of J Lloyd, Ugo, Dalien and Steve Staunton will spooky Sessengon because he's only 17 and that will distract him from his fast running.  I know Steve Staunton isn't dead, but he's very spooky and he played for Liverpool so he can speak to Patrick Berger about the Kop and that. I like to keep my posts short and to the point so I'll say this; villa might win, lose or draw, so let's not chop any wood and burn it very much for a while, let's keep it simple like remembering 999 for the emergency services and it's useful to remember that if you're in America then it's not 999 it's 911 and I dunno other countries. I think it's 112 for local services but I've never really understood when I'm meant to use it so I keep trying every now and again. Villa 1000 - Filtrum -1000 (minus) Well at least that took my mind of the wait for a while.. why they put the game on at 5pm? That's a stupid time.
    • I’m on the 8:15 from moor street and it’s sardines time. Nightmare
    • It's nice to play a final at Wembley where we will have a really decent chance of winning, without playing one of the Premier League elite.  I can't wait to have watched the first 10 minutes of the game. I think that will tell us just how much, if any, the occasion is getting to the young Fulham "stars". If they run a ball out or cross a bad ball etc, then start laying it off rather than taking on people, that'll tell me the stagefright kicked in and that will help us greatly. But, if they just keep running at us and taking us on, it'll be a tough day for our defence.  The Fulham manager has already said this week that they need to run at us and use their pace. If they do that I think Fulham will win. But, if there is any sign of nerves from them, I think Villa will win it. I can imagine a scenario where Villa take the lead after 35 minutes then hold tight for the rest of the game with about 40,000 Villa fans chewing the tips of their fingers until the final whistle goes and the biggest piss up in recent history starts 
    • Chances of me staying awake until 2am to then find some dodgy stream of the game : low to zero.
    • I don't understand the people saying they are fine to stay in the championship. For the financial well being of the club we need to get promoted this season. We won't have a better chance than this to go up, it's make or break time.
    • Never heard of this Inoue but he did seem to carry some serious power for his size though.
    • If Hutton scores the winner, I'm expecting baby Alana to be in a villa shirt within minutes.