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Aston Villa Review: Episode 167 - Villa win again to move up the table

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Aston Villa haven't taken 11 points from 15 games since long before Aston Villa Review began, but that's exactly what new manager Steve Bruce has achieved since taking over. Okay, so it's in the Championship, but that's no guarantee of anything. Saturday's 2-1 home win over Blackburn Rovers was Villa's third under Bruce, and takes them up to 14th.

In this week's show Chris and Steve talk about Villa's latest win and the current state of play, and discuss their wishes for the Villa Park redevelopment that Tony Xia teased last week. Filled-in corners? Not for us, thanks. And, of course, we talk about the supporters' relationship - such as it is -with midfielder Ashley Westwood.

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    • And the other half don't think much of him.
    • Sorry if I end up screwing that up for you. Managed to enlist 10 people from the OH’s office to join us on the Sunday to see them.    PS - you should stop recommending such bands if you want to keep them to yourself 
    • Don’t like the honours system, don’t like Ringo. Made for each other. He’s welcome to it. Half of Liverpool thinks he’s a dick tbh
    • I don't get why they gave Jose a contract extension when they did.  It's not as if Utd were anywhere close to City or playing particularly great football at the time and there was plenty of time on his deal.  Then again I don't know why they went for him in the first place.
    • I follow Liam Gallagher on Twitter (big whoop you wanna fight about it?). Some of the tweets he receives in response to his tweets are so cringe worthy it hurts me. There seems to be this thing, whereby people send him clips of their kids singing songs he sings.. like.. why the **** would Liam Gallagher care if your kid sings his songs? What do you expect him to do? Theres also this weird freak who dresses exactly the same as him, but he's called Sivan and is clearly a middle easterner who lives in the UK.  Liam tweeted about a cancelled gig due to a bad throat.  This guy tweets back "get well, as you were rkid".  As you were is the title of his album, and he sometimes signs off with that on his tweets.  Rkid is from him and his brother.  But this weirdo does it, with a photo of him and Liam.  Not together, but two separate photos of Liam and this wannabe.  He got a couple of funny responses.  The last one, is of his old female fans, who clearly want to be his mom "please take as long as you need off to get better love, we need you in top shape to finish the tour"  "Liam babes, rest yourself properly, get better fully" WHO ARE THESE WEIRDOS? he's probably not gonna wanna meet any if you, stop talking (tweeting) him like your best **** friends. This also applies to many other celebs. I just notice it more with Liam and his fans.  Freaks. 
    • hoping the Eggs don't get too popular, took me ages to find a brilliant band nobody had heard of, can't be arsed to start looking for a new cause   
    • The 'state' stuff is semantic bollocks, Jon. There appears to be no issue in equating individuals in charge of particular 'states' with the EU if it suits the EU-relevant argument being made (see Merkel and German cars). The point was that you were allowing a fair amount of leeway to some people and going for the worst possible interpretation for the EU bod. It does affect the analysis. It means that I, who would otherwise be very interested to hear your point of view, switch off when you trot out the anti-EU meme 'analysis'.
    • And for something completely different... I really like Chvrches. And of course Lauren Mayberry is hot. With the added bonus of being Scottish.
    • Still can't work out if I like this or not. The dude seem pretty annoying, but I think he's kind of talented. Hmmm...