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Aston Villa Review: Episode 166 - Villa take a point from derby

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This week's Aston Villa Review focuses squarely on Sunday's Second City Derby, in which Aston Villa battled manfully but had to overcome a sub-par performance to hold on to a draw against Birmingham City. Our misfit hosts came on strong in the second half to level a game that Villa led at the break thanks to Gary Gardner's header.

Chris and Steve pick apart the whys and wherefores of the match, talk a lot about shape and systems, and ask which Villa players came out of the fray with the most credit. We also briefly look ahead to the next game in the Football League Championship, which brings Blackburn Rovers to Villa Park next Saturday afternoon.

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    • That's makes sense. Bruce is doing a good job of managing us overall. Maybe its easier and less disruptive to look at who's coaching them. 
    • Personally I think the complacency and lack of effort  that has dogged us for 6 years is still here, there's no incentive here, the players are already very well payed, 50/60k a week in the championship, we reward under achievers with new contracts.  
    • Get mike phelan in as coach - he has worked well with Bruce and with United and is a more attack minded coach - calderwood had never worked with Bruce and takes the coaching - it hasn't worked - both too negative as defenders - if Bruce stays then his coaching staff needs  to be changed with more attack minded coaching coming in ..
    • Dudevillaisnice for manager! To be honest it's so plainly obvious that these suggestions make perfect sense, at least to us simple fans, why can't our highly paid manager and his highly paid team of coaches see it. I hope the man paying the wages can see it. 
    • Hi all The way I see it there are now three options 1, Bruce leaves at end of the season - yes he has steadied the ship but the football is rubbish and why does he play players out of their natural positon? 2, Bruce leaves at the end of next season (as we won't go up playing like we have this season) 3, Give Bruce the Summer and 10 games into the next season and if not in top 6, Bruce should leave I have seen so many scrappy games that we have won by virtue of a good 45 minutes then by only hanging on for the other 45 minutes. We have never truely dominated any opposition. My thoughts yesterday watching the results coming in was particularly the Leeds Norwich game. How many times have Villa won this season after being a goal down? Can any of us really see Villa battling back as leeds did yesterday from 0 - 3 down to get back to 3 - 3? I was on the fence with Bruce, I think he is a genuine guy, but yes his track record of getting teams out of this league is good, but perhaps modern football and tactics have moved forward and passed and overtaken Bruce now. There was a Guardian article about Bruce quoted elsewhere and it was really an opener to read... Oh well rant over! All the best VTID Derek
    • Was watching this before the blues game and was thinking the same thing. It was like the kind of thing you do with your mates when you're just having a kick around and someone takes a turn in goal. 
    • So definitely the longest time I have spent preseason. Started in France so I could get the earliest start and have paid attention to a lot of detail.  Couple more friendlies an a Italian cup qualifier before the season gets started.  If this doesn't work then I must just plain suck at this but after some research it world indeed appear I wasn't paying enough attention and taking enough time to do things properly.  Will try not to bore you all with too many updates.  What am I talking about, I won't try at all.  ....
    • It was just a bit tongue in cheek mate, I'm not one for comparing clubs. Every situation is unique. 
    • So look like Bacuna then?