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Aston Villa Review: Episode 166 - Villa take a point from derby

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This week's Aston Villa Review focuses squarely on Sunday's Second City Derby, in which Aston Villa battled manfully but had to overcome a sub-par performance to hold on to a draw against Birmingham City. Our misfit hosts came on strong in the second half to level a game that Villa led at the break thanks to Gary Gardner's header.

Chris and Steve pick apart the whys and wherefores of the match, talk a lot about shape and systems, and ask which Villa players came out of the fray with the most credit. We also briefly look ahead to the next game in the Football League Championship, which brings Blackburn Rovers to Villa Park next Saturday afternoon.

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    • I put all my money on option 4. a Mark Bunn overhead kick sounds more realistic
    • he might be but he is actually right if I am honest he is also right about WBA  
    • he has a goal and 2 assists so far this season in 17 league games. their top scorer has 4 goals so probably their strikers are being starved by the sounds of it
    • they are pretty shameful stats and lets be honest not just for Westwood but the other "midfielders"
    • I just dont see it this season. we are too crap away from home to make it happen and that will be our downfall if we do make the playoffs anything can happen
    • we dont deserve anything in fairness. we need to earn it
    • Its hilarious if this transfer comes through. a centre back partnership of O'Shea and Lescott or Djilibodji and Lescott is priceless  
    • I liked Frei at Fulham and thought he would get a good move but he doesnt seemed to have improved that much back in Turkey
    • I really dont understand this signing, a midfielder that actually does football stuff. what does that even mean?
    • Not good at all and no saving graces it seems. They had the gall to charge him with assaulting a police officer and a public order offence. I miss the Rule of Law. What the hell are we supposed to do when sane adults will see this and make excuses along the lines of "just comply" and "nothing to worry about if you're doing nothing wrong"? Try getting dragged out of your garden gate and tasered in the face and then warned about the taser already in your face coming at your face 5 seconds ago. For walking your dog and telling the police you're not the man they're looking for, (Something you would have thought they had considered based on the fact they had already mistaken him for the same man in 2009 when he won a wrongful arrest case against A&S Police and got compensation) while going back into your house and being obstructed from doing so on a public highway, assaulted on your own property by trespassers, before being tasered at close quarters for not giving answer to a question that the public servants deemed appropriate? The fear was that like absolutely everything before it once it's an available tool it will be used for more and more incidents of ever decreasing severity. ED-209 "You have 20 seconds to comply"