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    • And you know what?… after the bashing I’ve given Grealish on this site since his move, I probably deserve the suspicion that I’m doing whatever I can to have another dig at him… but I’m not… There really are more important things in life than what club people choose to play football for… You won’t see me in this thread sounding off anymore…
    • Think you'll be surprised to see he'll be ready much sooner than 3 seasons time. If the blue-sky sale of GerrardBall rings true I think it'll suit Kesler down to the ground and we'll see him replacing Guilbert next season and he'll appear in the cups and (all and form being well). The season after he'll be hunting Matty Cash's squad position. His loan is going well and how often do we give 5 year deals to 18yr olds? We're confident as **** in this lad.
    • Isn’t Conte also criticized for running players into the ground because of his high intensity?
    • Watched it tonight. It's not too bad actually. For a 'geezer' type movie it had a decent amount of emotion and Fairbrass managed to give the main protagonist a basic level of sympathy often missing in this type of film. Thought it lost its way the last 20 mins or so but yeah, watchable enough.
    • Exactly my thoughts on him. Very pleasantly surprised. Meanwhile, Lampard, who was much more measured in the way he played appears to be a bit of an airhead as a manager. And Scholes bringing up the rear as a dreary pundit, who was a genius as a player. Quite funny how these things turn out.
    • I haven’t but it’s funny, I was thinking about posting the same thing about Shining Pearl
    • Loan him out for the next season, two or three. then he should be ready for the 1st team
    • plays is he plays for a defensive manager who has killed his creativity. difference between Pep and Mourinho is that Jose doesnt care that his football is boring or try to think he is a purist
    • I’m fully on board with Gerrard now. More so from the City performance than the two wins. His willingness to drop in form players, his willingness to risk youth, the improvement at half time. The way we harassed them all game. It just seemed like he really laid his balls on the table. My only slight concern is can he keep the squad working at this intensity for a whole season, or will we run into burnout and injury issues? Might need 2 or 3 signings in January to avoid that. Be interesting to see how he copes  when the 4-3-3 isn’t working or injuries force him to try something different / play people out of position. I really think he has something about him, though. He’s tough but he’s not stubborn or arrogant. Comes across as a much more intelligent person now than he did as a player. Always thought he was a bit of a loose cannon as a footballer, trying to do everything, too many Hollywood passes and long shots, out of position all the time. But seems very astute when he analyses games now.

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