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Win a prize, cos I have a cold

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I've an awful flu-like chest infection right now, so there are two boxes waiting to be unboxed. I'm frustrated.

So for now I am giving away a prize, which is great if you love Star Wars!

Subscribe to my channel to be in with a chance of winning!



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    • There was no intent in my view but it was that type of game where tackles were flying in all over the place and this type of thing can happen. Ref let too much go early on.
    • You're obviously more affluent than you make out!
    • Terrible terrible luck for both players. Taylor because he went full pelt for the ball and caught Coleman in the wrong place, and Coleman for obvious reasons.  Not trying to defend Taylor and pretend he did nothing wrong. It was not a good tackle - sounds like he was completely devastated and it doesn't sound like there was malice in the tackle. Just trying to be objective in that we see lots of tackles like that that sometimes people get away with it, but I think the after effect makes it worse. Best wishes to Coleman though, devastated for him
    • Not sure how UEFA works in terms of his ban, don't know if there's a precedent for extending bans due to the severity of the injury, I'd be amazed if he got more than 3 games fair few idiots on twitter calling for the fa to get involved and ban him fromleague games, simply not going to happen
    • To be fair, both players were full-blooded into that challenge. Taylor was reckless and was too slow into the challenge, which resulted in Coleman getting in first but, unfortunately, took full force of the challenge from Taylor. It looks a terrible injury and I truly hope that Seamus Coleman makes a full and speedy recovery and is able to continue his career the way it was going because - and I mean this sincerely, not because of tonight - he is one of my favourite modern-day footballers. He plays full-blooded and seems to play his heart out every game. Hopefully, that level of spirit will help him through this terrible injury. 
    • It's funny as he seems (for now) to be the new fan fav some people are bending over backwards to defend him and call out anyone who thinks he deserves heavy criticism for that awful tackle that could end a mans career.  Yet some of the bullshit vitriol towards non fan fav Bacuna over his ridiculous chest barge in comparison was astounding.  Now I don't personally think that it was more than a over excurberant fully committed mistimed tackle. But I'm not Neil Taylor, only he knows deep down. He just can't be defended but equally I can't be too critical of him either. As these things can easily happen within a split second. He should get a hefty ban though. 
    • Bad challenge but anyone who says that's the worst challenge they've ever seen is a monumental f*cktard. It was not malicious at all, Taylor was 100% going for the ball, it was just an awfully executed tackle, yes these things do happen. This is no where near the level of Keane on Haaland, or Witsel on Wasilewski, two challenges that were clearly hyper malicious attempts to maim their opponent.
    • Bad tackle, but the reaction it's getting on Twitter is completely over the top IMO. Unfortunate that it ended in a leg break. The tackle on Hourihane the other week from that Sheff Wed player was worse.