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Win a prize, cos I have a cold

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I've an awful flu-like chest infection right now, so there are two boxes waiting to be unboxed. I'm frustrated.

So for now I am giving away a prize, which is great if you love Star Wars!

Subscribe to my channel to be in with a chance of winning!



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    • "Your experience may differ" 
    • According to my Italian friend they do Fantasy Football a bit different more like a US draft style in which nobody gets the same player  I remember Ronaldo and Fabregas in my team around 2009 season and I crushed my league. Felt like cheating 
    • Well if you’re losing out on Players to Crystal Palace then the battle is already lost
    • Juve are tough to watch under Sarri, just not convincing at all. They'll still win Serie A but I don't see how he survives if they go out to Lyon in last 16. Would like to see Pochettino at Juventus.
    • I'd check the control set up. As in what buttons you have things mapped to If I remember GTA has different control mappings for different situations. So your camera controls aren't necessarily mapped to the same buttons when you're walking around as they are when you're flying a helicopter or driving a car. Sounds like maybe you've somehow mapped the camera controls to the left control stick as well the normal driving controls. So the left stick is doing both.    That might not be it, just a guess.
    • I am pretty sure we were after Cahill but Palace offered more money plus Cahill wanted to stay in London.
    • All it would take would be for them to lose at home to Fulham and Brentford win their last 3. It's far more likely than Leeds blowing up now which most of this forum still seems obssesed with and even expecting. I suspect though that WBA will grind out a draw v Fulham who aren't great defensively and win their last two. They've got some tidy footballers in their team like Matheus Periera and Krinomovic but their side reminds me of the one that came up under Mowbray, played o.k football but couldn't defend (actually sounds like us aswell!). They'd do very well to stay up unless Bilic used his connections to get in some old mates although I doubt they'll be convincing Ivan Rakitic to swop Barcelona for Smethwick!
    • Dwight Gayle is garbage. What a total waste of money that would be. He is also a total tool. Wes and Samatta are so much better than him and hopefully Kienan will be soon.
    • Last summer in the "summer transfer window" thread, I was banging on on a daily basis that we should sign Cahill on a free tansfer - right until the day he joined Palace and we couldnt sign him anymore. I even said he would have been a better signing than Mings but ideally for them to play together but got laughed at by everyone on here for even suggesting he was better than Mings. Think I got that Humphrey Bogart "get out" gif by 3 different people It was so so obvious to me that I was extremely baffled that no one else could see it. I really don't care if people are going to say I'm point scoring, it was just a stupid decision not to even try to get him. I honestly don't think we would have got relegated with a proper leader like him at the back, could have helped Mings develop into an even better player but 6 months in the Championship and everyone thought Mings was the finished article.  

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