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Win a prize, cos I have a cold




I've an awful flu-like chest infection right now, so there are two boxes waiting to be unboxed. I'm frustrated.

So for now I am giving away a prize, which is great if you love Star Wars!

Subscribe to my channel to be in with a chance of winning!



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    • Just laughing at the first bit mate Don't care about the other bit
    • I’ve responded in the season ticket thread mate. Keeping it on Gerrard and the fans reaction to the football along with ticket prices. There will be opposition fans all over the ground against Man U when we play them due to so many tickets going on general sale at the moment. It’s really sad to see. 
    • We should never have sacked Remi Garde. He managed to draw with Man City.
    • Benn has started his period, so unfortunately his medication didn't work. 
    • Apparently they don't want to do any campaigning to advise reduced usage, because when you're a ultra-libertarian governing on a "governments shouldn't tell people what to do" mentality the last thing you want to do is give a hint that you are telling people what to do.
    • The mental effects of being John McGinn are affecting John McGinn. 
    • @weedman last season I think I only failed to resell a ticket once. This season I sold it for Everton and Man City.  The club has let season ticket holders resell before they have sold out but I don’t think this will last as more and more tickets are going on general sale now. 
    • Yeah that's a good one. Great cast.
    • If we'd beat Bournemouth 🤣 If our performance wasn't an absolute disgrace in that game, we may have had half a chance.
    • Just came in to see Rob's daily take on Jack. While I'm here. Remember there used to be a discussion about whether Maddison or Grealish was the better player? And then Grealish had that season that ended in him going to City and everyone laughed at Maddison even being near Jack's level. And now Maddison is the new nation's darling in that he is banging them in and there's (rightly) a clamour for his inclusion in the England squad. I imagine a poll on who the better player is would probably be a lot closer now because recency bias and people generally being idiots. I guess what I'm saying is environment matters. I think Jack needs to get out of City. It doesn't suit him. That doesn't mean he's not good enough. The same way Ibrahimovic didn't suit Barcelona. Go somewhere you'll be used properly.

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