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Win a prize, cos I have a cold

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I've an awful flu-like chest infection right now, so there are two boxes waiting to be unboxed. I'm frustrated.

So for now I am giving away a prize, which is great if you love Star Wars!

Subscribe to my channel to be in with a chance of winning!



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    • Oh ok. Would have thought he wouldn't start long term. Hemed maybe only other currently starting forward available. Few decent mids still in free agents though.
    • Bottom of the championship. Jesus wept. Something I thought I'd never see.  Boy was I set up for disappointment growing up as a young fan in the 90's.   
    • It's like you're so close to seeing the point . . . 
    • Paulo Sousa?!  Paulo Bento ?! Markus Weinzierl ??!!     
    • Not sure whether to laugh or cry at that result as it puts us, big spenders and promotion favourites bottom of the table 
    • Well said regarding the effective dilution of icony. That's the one thing that is a shame in football that icons can have their reputations tarnished by a bad stint at the helm. Many examples in history.  However, I think if given the chance he would get a higher win ratio overall than RDM and Bruce and certainly not be worse. All opinion only.  Maybe won't happen "this time" not that there's even a vacancy, but he will be manager in max 5-8 years at the most. Some players in our history, not many, some, have a destined path back to VP. Mellberg is one. Somebody that embodied not just the lion on the badge, but also as an individual, in his character something needing to be installed from the top-down in our club. Better, than what the no-cojones man currently at the helm could ever hope for.  For the record I'm not Mellbergs agent nor his Stalker  worse candidates out there. Better candidates out there. But after years of getting it wrong and all the BS on the pitch, off the pitch, one day a manager will come and unite all. There'll be minimal fanfare from "he", no promises, no big talk. Just someone who comes in and gets to work, accepts the squad they have, gets the best of them and lets the results do the talking. That's Mellberg.  Still, interesting seeing others thoughts. Just my opinions above.  Peace lads
    • Yay Blose lost.....Shit, we're bottom of the league
    • Lovely, impassioned post. But do you really want to hear the Mellberg out chants in 10 months time?  I'd give him a bit longer to get experience and for villa to sort itself out.
    • Is that what I said? WTF? You're having a dig at me in another thread