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Win a prize, cos I have a cold




I've an awful flu-like chest infection right now, so there are two boxes waiting to be unboxed. I'm frustrated.

So for now I am giving away a prize, which is great if you love Star Wars!

Subscribe to my channel to be in with a chance of winning!





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    • This should be ridiculous, but it’s quite possibly the most sane thing in an insane world.  
    • You’re getting paid to wank, stop complaining 
    • At the moment there’s a lot of questioning of his tactics, man management, interviews, etc  If there are 2 more defeats the personal insults along with the ‘get out my club’ will start.  
    • I'm not convinced it is totally the system either, I think it is being blamed more than it should be and covering other issues.  I do still think it is a big problem though and should be dumped in favour of 433.  It feels like chinese paper cuts at the moment that are causing the bigger issue.  I think some of our players are out of form like Ollie, yes some people are blaming the partnership with Ings but I just think he's bang out of form.  Targett and Cash though are suffering by playing a position they cant do in wings backs, they are full backs. The central defenders are a mixed bag, they cant play together as a three they dont feel comfortable in it.  At the same time I think Mings is slightly out of form but not massively but I dont know whether that is the formation or just form but he'll be ok.  I do think Martinez (and this will be controversial) hasnt been as dominant in open play and I see that more post internationals but he's fine otherwise and will be.  Buendia looks off at the moment, again not sure if that is formation or just trying to find his place in the PL or just getting match fit after injury.  I think Bailey will make a huge difference because can look a more balanced team and additionally his talent will help.  Traore will be able to give us great options and for me Sanson will be (in theory based on his history of how he plays) that extra quality in midfield with SJM and Luiz. So I agree with you that it's not totally 352 but 352 is the main issue but we have other issues to get over....hopefully we have the opportunity now with a fit squad.  Guess we'll see.
    • One of my neighbours was rushed to hospital last night with severe covid symptoms. He’s in his 70’s and lives alone, his daughter called our other neighbour from Ireland to say she hadn’t been able to get hold of him for a couple of days. So the neighbour went to check on him, found the door unlocked and him comatose in bed, unresponsive. He has been double jabbed, but he’s apparently seriously ill.   Hope he makes it through of course, but it shows that even with the vaccine you can still become ill. Especially as the efficacy drops over time, boosters are absolutely vital. 
    • The reason I posted that, is that the department head has basically made me his lone pet staffer directly reporting to him, whereas most people in a role like mine would belong to a team with commitments every 2 weeks. He just dripfeeds me a task at a time, confident it'll take me a few days, then when I finish it in hours I have to wait for him to be available to think of my next job. Today I undid a clustfuck someone had wasted weeks on, made it work properly, sent a message saying this "1 week" task was done in about half a day, watched an episode of Maid, had a wank (not at the same time), opened a beer, played a bit of rocket league, did some training, then had a 2 hour nap.  I've suggested just making me a backlog of items to pick through at y own pace, but need to be a bit more insistent, I think. I feel so lazy that today I basically did 2 hours of work but I'll have blown him away  
    • It wasn't the most entertaining week was it ? 
    • Yeah, I think some are going to deep with it.  He's on twitter, so he's seeing the extreme reactions. 
    • I actually get more pissed off at Jack for that.  Dean might have discussed that with him privately, we dont know. However my point with Jack is, why ain't he throwing those types of strops at City or for England? Lack of respect for us IMO. Or " bigger than " attitude etc.
    • I did have a thought that, being Egyptian, he might have a relationship with owners or associates? ( Saying next 2 games a massive ) However I also had the thought that, he could simply be talking as a fan and ex player, which is more likely to be honest. 

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