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Win a Captain Phasma Pop Vinyl & unboxing!

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New unboxing from me. More geek and this time with the chance to win a prize!

Let me know what you think... positive/negative criticism accepted x


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    • I am so supportive of people’s right to be whatever they want to be, but jesus **** christ.
    • Bah, just went to sign up but it’s full. Hope it goes well mate.
    • The bolded part is puting it mildly.  In Texas.... he shot himself in the foot. I was on the Bruce out train for a long time.  Four wins in a row, AND with visibly improving team performances gave him the chance to prove me wrong.  Most of that dissipated with the molinoux massacre.  He has one game left for me.  (despite the oft repeated implication that Bruce outers have no patience. )    Bomb it on Saturday however, and he's out for me.  Impress, and he gets to try again with the Blues.  That's me. Sadly, it appears that with Round and Wynessm, he's here for the duration.  Then I get to decide if I just ignore villa until there is some reason to hope, or stay on here with annoyingly monotonous and repetitive reasons to get rid of him.  (because I'll have to vent somewhere, and posting here is better than kicking my dog.)  
    • At this stage its obvious the calamity is the manager 
    • I make it 10 days until his return
    • It was a combination of a prosecution team that made a series of shocking errors and a mostly black jury who weren't interested in what actually happened and just wanted retribution for some of the shocking things happening to the black community at that time. Basically OJ was bloody lucky but they got him in the end thanks to his complete idiocy.
    • Sturgeon's Law applies, of course - 95% of every genre is crap. It's finding that 5% that's the trick. 
    • I agree but if this is a calamity what do you call the Mccormack situation. Its at least 3 rungs higher on the farce ladder.
    • Thinking about it, he probably wanted to keep faith with the players who had won the last 4 games on the bounce (mostly convincingly).   So whilst I suppose that's good man management ("why should I get dropped, when we've been winning well and belief is high?") it's bad game management.   He really needed to change it around either at half time - or certainly as the 1st goal went in.  He made it difficult for himself.