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Win a Captain Phasma Pop Vinyl & unboxing!

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New unboxing from me. More geek and this time with the chance to win a prize!

Let me know what you think... positive/negative criticism accepted x


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    • Give the opposition 2 strikers to watch over and they then dont have it so easy.
    • We see away form pick up everyone's happier. [Captain Obvious Alert] I think it's good Tony supports his manager even if he prefers youth. I am probably with Tony on this but then it's not my job on the line if we don't go up.
    • I hope so as like you said form does count for a lot. It's just hard to believe that despite this we'll go into the game looking like future Champions. I hope Bruce changes nothing and we play good winning football away from home for once. 
    • That doesn't really seem fair  it's not fickle to say a man has been in a job for nearly a year and under performed with his methods based on what was available to him that he's changed system for the last 2 games and presumably will for a few more games , hopefully with positive results , just reaffirms what a lot of people had said fair play if it works and he turns it around I'm sure we'd all be happy ... 
    • Because he is available and affordable
    • Not a purchase, would be a loan.
    • Form counts for a lot. Going into an away game with 8 goals for and 3 against in our last 2 games is a fantastic block to build on. Hopefully Bruce will see there is nothing to change and we can play the same way when away from home.
    • lol.  I know you misread and have said such, but really?  Davis has had one good game in which he did not score and, on the back of that, it would be "madness" to play Hogan ahead of him? What?
    • It's encouraging, but it's all home form we haven't had an issue with home form for a while. If we play like this on Friday then we might be onto something, but the Villa that turn up away tend to play like they're in League Two.
    • Yeah, completely agree.  Adomah vs. El Mohammady is a nice right wing "problem" to have.  Personally, I think I'd play Adomah most of the time.