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    • Hope he gets back soon, one of our biggest attacking threat. We rarely said that. Last time I could remember is when we had Walker, somehow Bertrand.
    • They might have a lovely cafe there.
    • Can't you feeeeel the goals tonight
    • Off to Alton overnight to meet friends, not the towers, just a campsite near it. 
    • I might use it once but I doubt I’d go regularly. 
    • 4.43am, can't sleep, worrying about this latest ordeal instead. :s I tried to get a ticket for this match but the allocation was just for season ticket holders or fans who went to away games last season, which I totally understand, fair enough. I'll just have to go to a home game instead, Sheffield United next month. 
    • Smith is right. Manager change won't fix individual errors Opta statistics show no team in the Premier League has made more individual mistakes than Villa. “The players need to stamp it out. If they’re making individual mistakes, there’s not a lot we can do on the coaching field about it,” said manager Dean Smith. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/aston-villa-relegation-premier-league-table-transfers-dean-smith-1368990
    • Isn’t the humblebrag slightly different - a boast dressed up as a sad, self-pitying anecdote - eg how sad your sexual prowess is making you? 👀 This “I’m humbled” thing is just bad English. Somehow it has come to mean “absolutely bursting with self-satisfaction”. I have however heard it used appropriately a few times recently - people expressing gratitude to strangers who had helped them in the Australian bushfires and some other charity thing I can’t remember. It’s not unheard of. You can see why narcissists get confused. They think this is just something you say when lots of people are paying attention to you. The underlying concept makes no sense to them, so they can’t distinguish between being humbled by a stranger saving your life and being humbled by winning an Oscar for pretending to be disabled in a film.
    • Yeah, I'm expecting he'll be playing for Liverpool come August.

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