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Marvel Universe Zbox - September 2016

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So I finally managed to get the video edited and online. I am a massive geek, so I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do to.

Really feel I got value for money this month.


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    • Doesn't sound like a perm deal to me. Sounds like he just wants to extend the loan. Personally I still hope we target a better keeper in the summer, whilst he has improved I still think he will cost us points next season.
    • Dele Alli had his Champions League ban extended to 3 games so I suspect it's the same for this.  Only Taylor will know if he meant to injure Coleman, I suspect not but there's little excuse for going into a challenge like that.  There's a reason they outlawed dangerous tackles like that and it makes me cringe when people try to excuse bad tackles even when they don't connect.
    • In terms of level of support they remind me of us and I don't see them regularly filling a 60k stadium. Certainly if they are hovering between 6th and 10th as they seem to. Over the last 10 years their average attendance would be around 36k.This season they are doing pretty well and it is averaging over 38k. Just 5 years ago though when they finished 10th they averaged just over 33k. As we saw with us in the Mon years give us a whiff of doing well and we can average 40k+. I don't know if like us they can ever push up to 60k though unless they are competing for the title.
    • Backlash caused the CEO to shit himself and they're now paying them.
    • Haven't Bournemouth been punished for similar?
    • He'll recover but we're talking about one of the best RBs in the league imo, someone I think could easily play for a top 4 club. Tough to get back to that level.
    • It's far too early to judge surely. From the little I've seen I think the pace of the game here has shocked him a little as it does many foreign players. I saw a few Basle games last season and the tempo is far different. He's playing for the top team by a mile there and teams just stand off them and defend, similar to Celtic in the SPL. Here it's a little different.
    • Interesting article on the OS regarding Johnstone, Bruce says that we will try to get him permanently in the Summer, seems like a done deal to me
    • He was played in about 4 different positions in as many games, in a "team" that was a total car crash at the time. Judging him on those games alone is impossible. Think he will be useful asset, but he might have trouble holding down a regular starting spot in the same position thou.  
    • I do like London, need to get down there more often. Want to take in a Dulwich Hamlet game soon.