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Marvel Universe Zbox - September 2016

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So I finally managed to get the video edited and online. I am a massive geek, so I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do to.

Really feel I got value for money this month.


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    • Why don't you read some posts and it will become evident to you that some people have lowered their expectations or have you just replied to my post to start an argument?
    • Well I could hardly say all people have lowered their expectations as not every Villa fan posts on Villatalk.
    • Who are these people you speak of? Or have you just made up a straw man to argue with?
    • Maybe it was. But you said some people have lowered their expectation. So are you telling me there are people that still expect top two?
    • It is. But we have our best striker injured long term. His replacement injured. Their backup still recovering from an injury. And HIS backup only just returning from injury. We still have enough quality in the squad to be scoring goals, no denying that. But  we won't spend the whole season with the lack of options we have now.
    • I don’t think many are expecting us to ‘dispatch close rivals with ease’. Scraped 1-0 victories would be acceptable. But losing 2-0, 2-0 & 3-0 to 3 of the 4 teams above us is poor, and then the other teams in the Top 7 that we've played we’ve drawn 1-1 with. Considering the resources we’ve had available to us, you would at least hope or expect that we’d give those teams a little more to think about. As it happens, I don’t think we have.   Maybe a better, more adaptable manager would have been able to make better use of the players that he inherited. McCormack has looked like a lost cause, to be fair to Bruce, but the rest of the squad is easily good enough to get us into a comfortable play-off place, if not 2nd.
    • I only really got Mario Kart for the multiplayer with the family over xmas. 
    • Could you blame them?
    • The expectation is that we should be challenging for automatic promotion. We are 10 points off it coming up to half way.  The idea that is now deemed acceptable is interesting. 
    • I find the expectation that we're supposed to be dispatching close rivals in the league with ease, away from home, in the middle of an injury crisis, far more mind boggling.  I also find comparing us to Wolves to be incredibly short sighted too.  Also the expectation that every transfer will work out.  And that it's easy to maintain form and win games as a manager.