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Marvel Universe Zbox - September 2016

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So I finally managed to get the video edited and online. I am a massive geek, so I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do to.

Really feel I got value for money this month.


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    • This.  I hope we have good plans to fix our attack. We have a lott of good individuals but something is missing. A midfield player that can link defence and attack. With regards to Terry.. I personally don't care what he's like off the field. He seems likeable enough by most players he's played with and his peers. Good enough for me. Half the players probably aren't very likeable anyways.
    • Pretty much. I'd watch a few videos on how to 'survive' in the game because you could spend 50 hours getting nowhere.   Loved the game a couple of years ago but once I'd 'made it' to where I wanted to be I found my interest dwindling slowly.    
    • Oh yes, soldiers, those gods among men that we all must worship.   I like bewbs more than soldiers.  Am I a traitor?
    • ........bet your hoping its a cross
    • Not to be downplayed, with the amount of sloths we currently have in the middle of the park. I wouldn't be heartbroken to see him depart, but he won me over somewhat with his effort in a number of games last season. He was one of the first I wanted bombed out-and I'd say he was prob aware that most supporters felt that way too. But without ever delivering truly outstanding performances (I'm resigned to him just not being that sort of player) we often looked better with him in the side than without him last year. He gives us legs and energy we otherwise wouldn't have.  Probably says a lot about the paucity of our other options.   He is infuriating; I can't recall seeing too many players that look technically sound one game and then can barely kick a ball the next.  But as a squad option at least, he is fine for the time being. There are bigger priorities to move on. 
    • Sugarbabes were Noughties. Get your pop decades right.
    • Not a sausage on the Torygraph website.
    • Pot heads and hippies? Move over grandad. It's all grime, hip hop and silent discos these days. I know, I know, in your day a disco always involved a glitter ball, flares and John Travolta. 
    • There is no problem, its a debate that has dragged on far too long. 1. I have not used the word in my offerings, nasty piece of work, so how could i have said what you are suggesting. 2. Get "called out".......is this the o.k. Corral? 3. I have explained MY position on John Terry's private life to your partner in crime and I am not repeating it again to bore those who have read it once. 4. Stilian Petrov is not MY MATE as you sarcastically refer, but someone I have met on several occasions and had dialogue with. 5. I am at peace with the prospect that John Terry may join us in an attempt to help us get promotion and I have no interest in delving in to his personal life......or more importantly aim derogatory remarks about him. Perhaps it is worthwhile remembering how this saga came about. Villan -Scott wrote a piece in the early part of this thread and referred to John Terry's chequered past in a kinda passive way......I posted back and said I don't always believe what I read in newspaper reports a sort of throw away comment with a bit of a point, nothing heavy.....DC Jonah jumped on that and chose to describe him as a shit person, which at first I thought was rather provocative and secondly uncalled for .......when this is a guy who could save us......He then picked me up on " newspaper reports as the form of reporting information on folk we have no way of knowing personally......which i found strange, as thats what most of us rely on along with other forms of media granted, but is it always true about individuals character? i have my doubts. Look everyone can have opinions on anyone......But when someone emphatically attacks someone as a " Shit"......don't be surprised if another poster comes to their aid for that reason. just to finish off.....I do not want to comment further on this monologue......but just to welcome John Terry, when he comes.