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Marvel Universe Zbox - September 2016

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So I finally managed to get the video edited and online. I am a massive geek, so I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do to.

Really feel I got value for money this month.


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    • and vice versa wheres the its happening guy when you need him........
    • I think it includes ones in gyms that you've walked past as well now.
    • Dr Tony has followed Hourihane on Twitter. 
    • One of my colleagues got killed by her horse in February  They have a serious kick on them if they get spooked.
    • Why does my 'seen' section show a lot of Pokémon that I've never seen?  Only started happening semi recently.
    • It took us all long enough and 4 managers to come to the conclusion.
    • Exactly. There would have been fewer fatalities throughout history if men had ridden jellyfish into battle instead of horses.   @darrenm look, I think I used 'fewer' correctly!? 
    • The problem for me is that two people I love are playing some role in the inauguration activities, Kevin Fowler, and more importantly Toby Keith. Toby Keith, outside of Cash is probably my favourite singer. I am a member of his fanclub, mainly, well almost entirely for presales and the tshirts that come with the membership. Politically there have been some thick times and some thin times. Musically though, and this is personal to me, appreciate he has a lot of people that dislike him, musically I love the guy. I own every CD the guy has ever made, so he must be doing something right as far as I am concerned. Him playing last night, well it’s a difficult one, I feel he will regret it, I feel he will look back in 4 years and think what the hell was I thinking. Has it put me off him, not really, I suspect outside of one or two, most of the music I like voted Trump, they just aren’t as money grabbing as some who are willing to sell their soul to Trump.
    • I know it's off now, but I too am a bit dubious of this Rhodes deal......and would he suffice. Mourinho made the point not long ago about strikers that rely solely on service and others that to a degree make their own.....He was saying the difference in value is significant and he looks for the ones who can create their own. i know he is in a different league to us, but I get his point. in general every striker needs service, but some are just completely redundant without it and we have 2 perfect examples at our club ....Kodjia and McCormack.