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Marvel Universe Zbox - September 2016

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So I finally managed to get the video edited and online. I am a massive geek, so I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do to.

Really feel I got value for money this month.


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    • Does Milot Rashica... EVEN EXIST? 😐 
    • The current idea is complete madness even without fans. I think they'll change things to how europa and CL ended. London is already hosting a decent amount of games so can see an area in Germany and another in Italy/Spain/Portugal picking up the other fixtures depending on how those countries are doing at the time.
    • McGinn is one of our best talents.  Give him time to get back to the form we all know he is capable of.  
    • Right now our players' agents will be touting them to other clubs with the view of Villa getting wind of it and increasing the wages. Agents make money by renewing contracts or getting them a move. Also sponsorship deals and endorsements are another way in which the agents make money off the players. Source? A UK based intermediary who was subcontracted the handling of Jordan Ayew and Amavi is friends with someone who used to work with me. The same lad had trials with Spurs many moons ago but suffered a stroke of misfortune when he was involved in a no fault accident which messed his legs up. He's since started work as an intermediary. 
    • Well I'd imagine if any PL club is interested in buying any Championship players (except from Brentford) then the price just got a whole lot cheaper. I can see there being a number of Championship clubs in serious financial trouble very soon without any matchday revenue.
    • It has chuff all to do with FFP.
    • It's the first real game of a brand new season.  Burton (A) doesn't count, particularly as it had half the team.  Sheff Utd already had their first PL game, so had a pretty decent advantage.  We got three points.  Looked comfortable, if not immediately threatening.   We would have absolutely ripped arms off for this last year. 
    • The Church of Later Day Rashica?
    • I think he will be back to himself in a few games, he was out for a while with the injury and then with the Covid break to. I think the way mcginn plays the break affected him more because he has to be right on his game 100 % cos that's his style of play, he's all about high pressure and winning the ball back quick to start an attack. I'm confident that it won't be long until we see him at his arse rolling best again 😁

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