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    • I was unable to watch today.  Thrilled we won.  Happy to hear positive reports about our performance and apparently “taking the match to the opposition.”    From those who could see, what was the change?   Did Bruce change something in the setup?  The approach?   Did the players move better?  Keep better possession?  Was it just QPR wasn’t very good?  
    • Oh god... I’m just not sure. 
    • I was about to say the same thing. Let's not rewrite history just because we are playing well at the moment. Let's enjoy how we play now, support the team and the manager 100% and keep our fingers crossed that we continue playing this way.
    • I think we’re on the same page.  I’m talking more aspirational and ideal.  You’re talking more practically (and shorter horizon, realistically) I agree with you short term assessment, but I don’t see Bruce effectively doing either very well.  It does not take months to get championship level players to understand and execute a discernible system of play. 
    • I wonder if his presentation had an impact on the players. That was probably the most fight I've ever seen from there. 
    • The Irish government needs to work on being the preferred English speaking finance hub for the EU. Dublin could do quite well out of it and help soften the blow a bit. 
    • I predict he will end up playing at the sty.
    • no Tro you clutch at straws The exaggerated point is that since our last defeat Brouters like me critisized, rightly so, but still got panned for critisizing. I have NOT critisized him for todays result, only highlighting that the players can „play“ if allowed to. It seems today he did that (or maybe it just happened). The main difference is you are smug towards me cause we won. Believe me, I‘m happy we won, moreso as we were convincing. I‘m not smug when we lose. I‘m p*ss*d off.
    • Yep, its amazing how quickly it has all happened as well, literally in the last 5 or 6 years. The thing that gets me is that each shop is a carbon copy of the others, how many Supermarkets that cater specifically to the Polish community do you need on one road? Erdington does loads of stuff to try and get the community spirit going, Erd'os are a proud bunch, there are also a **** ton of idiots and bad bastards as well though.
    • From who? I don't think he is good enough for the Premier League and doubt we will sell to a rival.