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VIDEO | Championship Preview EPISODE 4

The Villa View



Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 09.47.47.png

Matt and Dan return together for another episode as they give you all the facts about Leeds, Newcastle, Norwich and Notts Forest.

See it here:



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    • Don't think share issues are a problem under FFP relative to what City are alleged to have done
    • I only got on board with Gerrard because of Beale
    • Is no one worried this starts a precedent? I don't think villa are really clean tbh, we had the dodgy stadium sale and constantly see now share issues from the owners to pump in cash. Be very careful which punishment you wish for.
    • I think one of the things we have to take from this is that the rules we have in place don't work. City were able to easily work around them and then simply challenge anyone to take them to court about it - from the emails, getting caught doesn't seem to have been a great concern to them, and the mechanism they've used to work around the rules is so simple that it's clear that they didn't consider it necessary to put in more complex financial chicanery - it was easy, it was soft and it was no sort of deterrent. When the dust settles, I think we'll see City punished, I think we'll see a lot of other clubs investigated and potentially punished and I think most vitally of all, we need to see a rethink on how we regulate football, how we ensure some sort of framework of competition without allowing the complete domination of trillionaires and states and how we make that regulation a whole lot more difficult to breach than the current rules. I know that Mr Purslow and the other Chairman would be horrified by the idea, but it's clear that we can't let the greedy of the Premier league and of UEFA and FIFA regulate on greed - if we could possibly find a government that's not cut from the same cloth, then I think outside oversight is the only way forward.
    • Just change name to MEPL if Manure deal goes ahead
    • Bye bye Citeh bye bye citeh Cos you bought ya titles and ya stole ya trophies  They're all f'kin dodgy 1 2 3 4 Bye bye Citeh bye bye citeh  Ya bought ya titles  Ya stole ya trophies We've all seen the emailssssss 1 2 3 4
    • If we did something like this with our lion as a crazy third kit, that would be amazing!
    • i'm probably going to bring in darwin, mainly because i own martial and i don't fancy anyone else (can't afford kane). mitro is possible but if they win tonight then they're probably blanking in 28 plus he's not returned in weeks. the martinelli thing is interesting. seeing a lot of folks transferring him out but i do think he's going to remain first choice. i already own him and odegaard and i've got much bigger fires to fight than him my main decision to make this week is which 3rd city player to bring in. it's between ake and akanji and i kinda feel that whomever i choose will end up getting benched
    • I couldn't get round it, I was going to go down the filthy, rich and catflap route, but no, stuck with Bottom.

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