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VIDEO | The Villa View Tea Brew!

The Villa View



Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 09.47.47.png

You'll often see fan channels do a video about new transfers. "ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IN 60 SECONDS"

We like this idea but wanted to make it our own. We started the idea by finding a name and as a bit of a joke picked 'Tea Brew' - "What if we gave the stats and figures in the time it took to make a cup of tea, that's roughly a minute"

And here we are.

All you need to know about Pierluigi Gollini in the time it takes me, to make a cup of tea.



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Nice kitchen :) Another fact; Hellas Verona plays in Sweden's colours. Hope we don't let him have number 95

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On 8 July 2016 at 17:25, NoelVilla said:

Nice kitchen :) Another fact; Hellas Verona plays in Sweden's colours. Hope we don't let him have number 95

Thanks ;) 

I wouldn't actually mind him as 95, it's unique at least. Might be a good luck thing

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    • I occasionally bet, and have bet quite a lot in the past, to my detriment. I don't think betting should be illegal, but nevertheless I find the level to which it us ubiquitous in sport depressing and undeniably will and has caused gambling problem, and moreso it normalises having a cheeky bet as a regular normal thing to do. It's everywhere and gambling is an addictive habit. I like drinking to, and I think advertising for both ought to be more strictly regulated.  I think betting sponsorships everywhere are just shit. Half of these companies appear to be pretty dodgy. The other half operative out of tax havens. It's an activity that should be tucked away in a corner, it's there if you really want to do it, but not explicitly promoted and encouraged.   I don't expect anything to change though. 
    • Perhaps he can car share with Nick Owen to do his bit to reduce his carbon emissions. Would have to put up with his puns though.
    • That just reminds me of Wayne's World 2 when the roadie starts talking about machine gun nests. 
    • We signed two players though and got another recalled from loan. Everton are joint bottom, and all their rivals have strengthened.  Buying and selling nobody would have been a better window than Everton. 
    • Chelsea are signing that many highly rated academy players that I'm not sure how they're going to give them all game time in their academy teams and playing in their academy is how these youngsters are going to attract loan interest in the first place, some by going to Chelsea will limit their game tme and miss out, but I guess they're offering big incentives.
    • Is playing the Lottery not gambling? 
    • Instagram does damage to kids. Alcohol does damage to people. Gambling does damage to people addicted to it. Fossil fuels damage the environment. Lots of things companies make money from are harmful to people  There are clearly ways to stop betting firms from profiting from people with gambling addiction. The government just won't create the regulations to do that.   
    • That season was during covid so matchday revenues were largely none existent.  They make over 50m in matchdays during a normal season, so definitely not insignificant.  We, by comparison, only make just over 10m.

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