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Monte Carlo simulation (Round 16)



A 2-0 loss at home and a pair of clubs near us in the table beating clubs at the other end of the table. Disaster?

Our chances of staying up actually slightly improved.

16th 0.1% unchanged
17th 0.6% +0.1%
18th 2.4% +0.9%
19th 12.3% +4.1%
20th 84.6% -5.1%
  1. Villa: 99.3% (-0.1%)
  2. Sunderland: 86.9% (+8.0%)
  3. Swansea: 43.4% (+7.4%)
  4. Bournemouth: 28.8% (-12.6%)
  5. Newcastle: 24.1% (+1.2%)
  6. Norwich: 15.2% (-3.2%)
  7. West Brom: 1.2% (-0.3%)
  8. Chelsea: 1.1% (-0.4%)

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    • I go with my son some times , gets us outside and we get to chat a lot whilst we wait for the poxy fish to bite tbh I'm one of those people who is always on a gadget , I've got clients on different time zones so I'm sorta always checking emails and replying if I'm at home , on holiday etc  , or if I'm watching TV I flip the phone on and check news , sport , VT etc  .... fishing is one of those times where I don't do this , mainly as I'm too busy having to untangle my sons line from a tree or somehow undo a knot that he's managed to put in the line that would have flummoxed  Houdini  
    • Paul Collingwood may be next, I reckon.
    • He's also only just turned 22.   We live in a world whereby young players are written off so incredibly quickly.  I'm pretty sure people are saying Keinan Davis and Rushian Hepburn-Murphy don't look up to scratch.  20 and 19 respectively.  Sometimes, players need time to develop.  It's taken Traore a while at Middlesbrough, but he's starting to get there.
    • I can enjoy golf when the ball goes where my mind intended it to go. At all other times I lose my mind. For my own health I therefore rarely play. However golf club members, shops within the club etc. tend, with a depressingly level of consistency, towards the odious snobbery in their attitude. I remember being lambasted by a total stranger as the studs on my shoes weren't quite right and my shirt was I'll fitting. I was about 12 at the time. That definitely lead to a big case of 'well **** this shit with the sport
    • Centrism? Like Jeremy Corbyn, you mean?  I'm not sure who these evil 'hard left' types are. But I'm damn sure who the hard right ones are.  However, this is getting slightly off topic for this specific thread. 
    • And fishing is a good sit-down spoiled. 
    • I don't particularly wonder where we'd be if we hadn't lost 3-2 to Leicester, but I remember Grealish and Gil both scoring lovely goals against them and thinking "yeah, OK, maybe we're not so shit after all!".  Implosion struck.  We all know what happened after. But, y'know, for 60 minutes I thought we had the makings of a decent side.
    • I think it was his debut where he came on as a sub against Liverpool and gave them a real run around, looked like a really good player. Sadly he very rarely demonstrated that level of performance after.