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Monte Carlo simulation (Round 15)



Despite both Newcastle and Bournemouth notching wins, our chances of staying up managed to slightly improve.

16th 0.1% unchanged
17th 0.5% +0.1%
18th 1.5% +0.2%
19th 8.2% +2.1%
20th 89.7% -2.4%
  1. Villa: 99.4% (-0.1%)
  2. Sunderland: 78.9% (+10.5%)
  3. Bournemouth: 41.4% (-24.7%)
  4. Swansea: 36.0% (+22.3%)
  5. Newcastle: 22.9% (-25.7%)
  6. Norwich: 18.4% (+15.1%)
  7. Chelsea: 1.5% (+0.5%), West Brom: 1.5% (+1.4%)

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    • Looks a natural number 10 now, fingers crossed we're only seeing the start of his journey to becoming a great player.
    • It's Harry Kane innit?
    • It's not a criticism, if that's how he works then fair enough. The term "manager" in uk seems to have a large spectrum of responsibilities, from a pretty much director of football type who has virtually nothing to do with training but builds a squad, deals with transfers, scouting, setting a direction for his coaches at the different levels etc. etc. all the way through to a tracksuit manager who is directly running the training sessions and has close contact with his players all day every day.

      They are all jobs that need doing in a club, Bruce deserves the credit for knowing that Agnew (from their past work together) was the right man to work with this group to get them playing how Bruce might have wanted but didn't have the coaching set up to attain. If that is the case then Agnew deserves credit for the massive improvement of how we've been playing with the ball a few times recently. We've been shit with it too and still won, but you know, then longest journey starts with the smallest step and all that.
    • Final Destination  7: Aston Villa - Where careers come to die. Coming soon to a theater near you.
    • Yeah that is what I take from it. Be funny if it was neither of the two main targets.
    • Let's hope he regains it once back in the premiership  
    • It’s the Championship, having followed Brighton in it for many years I can tell you there’s still so so many more twists to come, not likely but Wolves could even fall out of the play offs places that’s the nature of this division. All we need to do like @TRO has said is worry about our results which seems to have picked up, still very feasible Villa could win the league. I don’t say this to be mocked but it’s what I can share with you from experience. 
    • Is that Colin Blunstone on vocals ?  
    • Maybe. Or hopefully they think it's good for him to stay in a competitive environment like ours. If he's to make it at spurs he needs to develop that fighting spirit. I think he's a good option here and could well play in the DM role.
    • I hate that really slow "Oh when the Saints" song from S'ton fans. So irritating.