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From: Paul Lambert

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It's an exaggeration to say he's built a really good squad of players. He has assembled a decent enough squad given the resources he has had, although you could argue that he has wasted a lot of time pursuing a "young and hungry" policy when he should have been mixing a few more experienced players into the squad, as he has now started to do.

For me, the really puzzling feature of his performance as a manager is his apparent tactical ineptitude. When he first came to the club, I was excited because I thought his tactical ability was one of his real strengths, but so many times we have seen puzzling selections, formations and styles of play. Yesterday was a good example. Defending so high up the pitch was a recipe for disaster against a side like Arsenal - how bizarre to let them score 5 times, all essentially from counterattacks! Also, although we had a good share of possession, the midfield spent a lot of time passing rather miserably to each other, with very little idea of how to get forward or run into space, as was rather well shown by the MOTD2 analysis last night.

Then there is a question about his understanding of what is going on, For him to say yesterday that "for 60 minutes or so we were in the game", and it "wasn't a 5-0 game" is worrying. We weren't ever really in the game, Paul, and it was a 5-0 game, indeed, we were lucky not to concede 6, 7, or even 8 as might have quite realistically happened.

And the scale of the defeat had much to do with your selections and tactics.

Source: Paul Lambert

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    • Someone didn't write the story you wanted them to write Peter, get over it Labour have found to be issuing misleading statements on Twitter, they get retweeted, these are effectively policy adverts - I don't get why you can't see the wider picture. They are all at it in different ways. you want them to focus on the one report you think they should, they haven't they've looked at others too. It's pretty easy to argue that they've looked at more sources than you want them to. You've not once mentioned the LibDems in these exchanges, yet they are probably worse than the Tories, I suspect it's because that doesn't matter to you, it's all about Labour being whiter than white... and they aren't They've included the fact you want them to, highly and prominently in the article, they've included others too and thats the bit you seem not to like, they should have concentrated on the Tories and nothing else. Why? And when you've come up with the truthful answer to that you might realise why you're wrong
    • Really tuff game this, but we shouldn’t fear them.  Not aware of any suspensions?McGinn could probably do with a rest, but I think we need his battling qualities alongside Nakamba here.  Do we then go with Luiz or Hourihane?  Mings is very likely out, so Hause has to play for balance at CB.  Hoping Targett makes it though: ---------------------Heaton------------------- --Guilbert--Engels--Hause--Targett-- ---McGinn--Nakamba--Hourihane--- ------El Ghazi--Wesley--Grealish-----   Subs: Nyland, Konsa, Taylor, Luiz, Lansbury, Trez, Kodj *Personally, I wouldn’t start Wesley, but think Smith will. 
    • Postal vote sent after some painstaking deliberation
    • There's no obvious reason to think that Labour's current policies are unelectable, when they received 41% of the vote last time out, a better result than any since 2001. They're pretty clearly being held back by a leader who is now the most unpopular opposition leader of all time heading into an election. In fact, when you consider that drag on their polling, it's pretty remarkable they look set to score in the mid 30's anyway. 
    • I don’t disagree on Engels and Konsa of course, but the problem with our fans right now is summed up in the idea that Mings and Engels have had ‘many’ games together. They’ve known each other three or four months and played together 15ish times. They are not strangers but the idea that they would have an established partnership after such a short time flies against footballing history. Same with the rest of our players adapting to life in the PL. Agree with your crucial point - hope Konsa and Engels do well.
    • I have no problem with them covering extra points as well.  What I am saying is that in an article about misleading information, a finding that one party has presented over 5,000 misleading pieces and the other party none, is such an obvious, glaring, central and newsworthy issue that to bury it under these ancillary points as they did cannot be  a normal news presentation (which would have been more like the way ITV covered it), but can only be a deliberate decision to stifle it.  The headline compounds it by talking in general terms about party communications being misleading - the old, old false equivalence game again. This is so blindingly obvious I can't understand why you don't see it.  It is a case of going easy on the government by not highlighting the astonishing finding of the study.  Presumably this was done out of timidity and fear of retribution rather than love for the tories, but it's unacceptable in any event.
    • Corbyn may go of his own accord but he'll be replaced with a like minded idiot, you have no chance of the others stepping down and a change of direction. In the words of The Redskins... they'll "Keep On Keeping On" 
    • This is worth a (long) read on the Labour AS issue Clicky for article on medium
    • There just isn't a balance. Both parties have a serious problem. Yet people namecheck Corbyn directly when it comes to antisemitism, despite him never saying anything antisemitic, yet ignore both The Tory party's issue with Islamophobia, and Johnson's own comments on Muslims.
    • If Labour is heading for where the polls suggests then the only course of action come Friday will be to set the wheels in motion for removing Corbyn as leader and removing some of the more high profile idiots (such Abbot, Thornberry, Gwynne, Butler, McDonnell) from prominent positions.  Labour could do a lot worse than Keir Starmer as leader to be honest. 

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