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From: Paul Lambert



It's an exaggeration to say he's built a really good squad of players. He has assembled a decent enough squad given the resources he has had, although you could argue that he has wasted a lot of time pursuing a "young and hungry" policy when he should have been mixing a few more experienced players into the squad, as he has now started to do.

For me, the really puzzling feature of his performance as a manager is his apparent tactical ineptitude. When he first came to the club, I was excited because I thought his tactical ability was one of his real strengths, but so many times we have seen puzzling selections, formations and styles of play. Yesterday was a good example. Defending so high up the pitch was a recipe for disaster against a side like Arsenal - how bizarre to let them score 5 times, all essentially from counterattacks! Also, although we had a good share of possession, the midfield spent a lot of time passing rather miserably to each other, with very little idea of how to get forward or run into space, as was rather well shown by the MOTD2 analysis last night.

Then there is a question about his understanding of what is going on, For him to say yesterday that "for 60 minutes or so we were in the game", and it "wasn't a 5-0 game" is worrying. We weren't ever really in the game, Paul, and it was a 5-0 game, indeed, we were lucky not to concede 6, 7, or even 8 as might have quite realistically happened.

And the scale of the defeat had much to do with your selections and tactics.

Source: Paul Lambert

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    • Fully committed jumping into the challenge, leg totally extended and straight, above the ground, with the studs towards the leg. Horror tackle, as bad as you'll see this season. Don't care if he's not "that kind of player", he is now. Really hope it's a clean break and that Coleman can get back playing.
    • It's the kind of business that is a bit buggered if only 1 in 50 applicants for a job is British.  If it's genuine work experience for a week or two then it's not that bad as to some being a barista, prepping food and even cleaning or serving is a skill in itself but a whole summer unpaid is shocking.  Luckily they've done a u-turn.
    • To suggest you have a friend in MI5 and that he's told you stuff, no matter how 'bland' is either adding nothing to the conversation. As you say, it's nothing you couldn't already read in the Mail or the Sun or on here. Or, there was a hint that you know some people that know and share some secret stuff?  I'd suggest that someone with genuine access to more detailed information would keep their mouth shut. Someone with access to the same information as can already be accessed elsewhere, is simply posturing. I do appreciate not everyone in MI5 is a ninja secret agent. Some of them work in admin., some in the canteen. But yes, perhaps it's time to draw a line under a very minor very petty point. It's one of the obvious after effects of one of these horrific incidents that we get anecdotes and rumours and bickering. People being accused of being apologists, people being accused of taking advantage of the situation to further their little agendas. I'm not talking specifically about on this board, I'm talking about generally, out there. Personally, I get tetchy when all the usual suspects wheel out their ignorant cut n paste arguments about islam and about brown people and about weird right wingers looking to tighten the noose on our freedom. I'm neither an apologist or a 'hawk'. I just want a bit of **** calm common sense. No wall building and no surrender.
    • I always butter up - if you're going for a fat fest of a sandwich might as well go the whole hog. Squirting dollops of ketchup on it too.  There was a wonderful sandwich shop in Bromsgrove called Korner Kitchen - suspect it may not be there anymore, that catered to all our needs. We even created songs ( not great ones admittedly ) involving the wonders of our acronymed choices - the BSDDRS ( Bacon, Sausage, Double Decked, Red Sauce ).     I am now feeling extraordinarily hungry.    
    • Doesn't sound like a perm deal to me. Sounds like he just wants to extend the loan. Personally I still hope we target a better keeper in the summer, whilst he has improved I still think he will cost us points next season.
    • Dele Alli had his Champions League ban extended to 3 games so I suspect it's the same for this.  Only Taylor will know if he meant to injure Coleman, I suspect not but there's little excuse for going into a challenge like that.  There's a reason they outlawed dangerous tackles like that and it makes me cringe when people try to excuse bad tackles even when they don't connect.
    • In terms of level of support they remind me of us and I don't see them regularly filling a 60k stadium. Certainly if they are hovering between 6th and 10th as they seem to. Over the last 10 years their average attendance would be around 36k.This season they are doing pretty well and it is averaging over 38k. Just 5 years ago though when they finished 10th they averaged just over 33k. As we saw with us in the Mon years give us a whiff of doing well and we can average 40k+. I don't know if like us they can ever push up to 60k though unless they are competing for the title.
    • Backlash caused the CEO to shit himself and they're now paying them.
    • Haven't Bournemouth been punished for similar?
    • He'll recover but we're talking about one of the best RBs in the league imo, someone I think could easily play for a top 4 club. Tough to get back to that level.