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From: Paul Lambert



It's an exaggeration to say he's built a really good squad of players. He has assembled a decent enough squad given the resources he has had, although you could argue that he has wasted a lot of time pursuing a "young and hungry" policy when he should have been mixing a few more experienced players into the squad, as he has now started to do.

For me, the really puzzling feature of his performance as a manager is his apparent tactical ineptitude. When he first came to the club, I was excited because I thought his tactical ability was one of his real strengths, but so many times we have seen puzzling selections, formations and styles of play. Yesterday was a good example. Defending so high up the pitch was a recipe for disaster against a side like Arsenal - how bizarre to let them score 5 times, all essentially from counterattacks! Also, although we had a good share of possession, the midfield spent a lot of time passing rather miserably to each other, with very little idea of how to get forward or run into space, as was rather well shown by the MOTD2 analysis last night.

Then there is a question about his understanding of what is going on, For him to say yesterday that "for 60 minutes or so we were in the game", and it "wasn't a 5-0 game" is worrying. We weren't ever really in the game, Paul, and it was a 5-0 game, indeed, we were lucky not to concede 6, 7, or even 8 as might have quite realistically happened.

And the scale of the defeat had much to do with your selections and tactics.

Source: Paul Lambert

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    • @Stevo985 I don't know of anywhere in Hell's Kitchen, but a couple of blocks over at W40th and 6th I ALWAYS recommend Koi, at the Bryant Park Hotel.  It's still super close to the theatres. For brunch, I love The Cupping Room in SoHo.  Feels like real Manhattan (if there is such a thing) and it's not a tourist joint. https://www.cuppingroomcafe.com/about-1
    • They will all need to move the ball much quicker to survive.
    • 100+ pts from my starting RB's but Mariota flamed out, handing me the L. Bye week, eh? word removed.
    • It's interesting that smith has admitted bruce has left us unbalanced in defence. Can't agree more. This is the reason for me we are where we are. Elphick wasnt great but he is far better than jedinak at cb. Madness stupid and idiotic to have let him go without a replacement. Bruce is sonny but himself to blame for being sacked.
    • Such an underrated ability to have.....It can move mountains and is a great aid to Leadership. I have really good vibes with this guy.....Interesting how he flirts with the emotion, but reminds everyone there is an important job to do. I think he will have an overall plan, but in terms of the detail he will suck it and see with individual players.....some will be easy to transform, some will be much harder. Liked his reference to defence, when his natural tendency is built towards attacking. He is familiar with 2 assistants at Brentford and it is much clearer where JT fits in.....interesting how he has history with his brother, I don't see a problem there and JT's approach seems like one of keen to learn....their humility and desire will blend.
    • If not we go again
    • I definitely underestimated how expensive broadway tickets are  
    • hmm, that post reads weirdly coming after bickster's. In case any particularly dippy people are reading, I do not cook my clothing.
    • cook and wash as you go is the way forward, especially when doing a big old meal requiring all sorts of tools and dishes. If I end up leaving it until "the end of the meal", it ends being done at the end of the week.          
    • I’m fighting off the urge to check the numbers by telling myself I’ve got a life!! 😀