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From: Paul Lambert



It's an exaggeration to say he's built a really good squad of players. He has assembled a decent enough squad given the resources he has had, although you could argue that he has wasted a lot of time pursuing a "young and hungry" policy when he should have been mixing a few more experienced players into the squad, as he has now started to do.

For me, the really puzzling feature of his performance as a manager is his apparent tactical ineptitude. When he first came to the club, I was excited because I thought his tactical ability was one of his real strengths, but so many times we have seen puzzling selections, formations and styles of play. Yesterday was a good example. Defending so high up the pitch was a recipe for disaster against a side like Arsenal - how bizarre to let them score 5 times, all essentially from counterattacks! Also, although we had a good share of possession, the midfield spent a lot of time passing rather miserably to each other, with very little idea of how to get forward or run into space, as was rather well shown by the MOTD2 analysis last night.

Then there is a question about his understanding of what is going on, For him to say yesterday that "for 60 minutes or so we were in the game", and it "wasn't a 5-0 game" is worrying. We weren't ever really in the game, Paul, and it was a 5-0 game, indeed, we were lucky not to concede 6, 7, or even 8 as might have quite realistically happened.

And the scale of the defeat had much to do with your selections and tactics.

Source: Paul Lambert

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    • 100% agree. Look at Brentford and they are playing well, just can' hit the back of the net. Look at us, up until Saturday, and we were just really bad. There's a difference.  Smith is a good manager and I would welcome him as a huge upgrade to moaning dinosaur we have now..
    • Sometimes this actually feels like a nightmare. Normal parameters are totally bent out of shape and there's a sort of surreal fog hanging over everything. Anarchists must be cheering this sh*t.
    • so long as draft isn't a Weds / Sat I'd be up for another game
    • Bit harsh, he wasn't front and centre but I thought he played pretty well, that nutmeg and turn in the second half was sublime.   
    • Easy to say after he bangs in a hat trick, a week ago he didn't look like someone capable of that.  Sometimes players come good when they come good, maybe he's just come good 
    • Did he play full 90? Didnt know he on the pitch
    • Played well, before i think he thought he had be creative as well with the ball. Today he did a solid job with couple crunching tackles but gave ball to right players
    • Whilst I kind of agree with what you are saying regarding hogan, McCormack is the most proven goal scorer at this level so would you put him ahead of the rest? For me it is not about being proven with different clubs but what the performance is like on match day in a villa shirt, so for now I would say Davis should be starting the next match up front until there is a reason to drop him whether that be a bad game or him being subbed off and someone coming on and offering more than he did. He suits us at the minute he is good in the air, strong and direct which is what we need plus he holds the ball up well and can bring others into play. Keep up the hard work Davis and long may this form continue. UTV
    • Could be tough this, they've won all 4 games thus far 
    • His goals were great, he could have had another. But i thought he passed the ball well and looked a lot more confident and comfortable on ball with the players in front of him