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From: Paul Lambert



It's an exaggeration to say he's built a really good squad of players. He has assembled a decent enough squad given the resources he has had, although you could argue that he has wasted a lot of time pursuing a "young and hungry" policy when he should have been mixing a few more experienced players into the squad, as he has now started to do.

For me, the really puzzling feature of his performance as a manager is his apparent tactical ineptitude. When he first came to the club, I was excited because I thought his tactical ability was one of his real strengths, but so many times we have seen puzzling selections, formations and styles of play. Yesterday was a good example. Defending so high up the pitch was a recipe for disaster against a side like Arsenal - how bizarre to let them score 5 times, all essentially from counterattacks! Also, although we had a good share of possession, the midfield spent a lot of time passing rather miserably to each other, with very little idea of how to get forward or run into space, as was rather well shown by the MOTD2 analysis last night.

Then there is a question about his understanding of what is going on, For him to say yesterday that "for 60 minutes or so we were in the game", and it "wasn't a 5-0 game" is worrying. We weren't ever really in the game, Paul, and it was a 5-0 game, indeed, we were lucky not to concede 6, 7, or even 8 as might have quite realistically happened.

And the scale of the defeat had much to do with your selections and tactics.

Source: Paul Lambert

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    • No, it’s fundamental. What Juncker says or does is irritating / amusing / embarrassing depending on the time of day, but it doesn’t matter hugely. The EU is not a core member of NATO or have a seat on the UNSC. What states do and say does matter, particularly France & Germany in this context.   
    • I still remember those annoying Aviva adverts Ringo did a while back. The one advert, Ringo in the back of a car, excitable fans outside, Ringo looks at the camera and asks “would any of this have happened to me if I had still been called Richard Starkey?”. Yes. Yes it would have, Ringo/Richard. Second advert, Ringo being picked up by a chauffeur at an airport (I think?) the sign being held by the chauffeur says “Ringo Star”. Ringo looks at the camera and despondently instructs us “don’t call me by my stage name.” Oh right. I’m sorry, Ringo/Richard.
    • Fanboy/girlism.  It's weird but it's what social media is all about, back in the day they'd probably be stalkers and possibly end up shooting or stabbing the celeb.  Anyway glad you got it off your chest Lappy babes.
    • 90th minute winner for Blackburn.   
    • States can and do act together in the common defence of their mutual security. The US-backed NATO members did exactly that during the Cold War, where solidarity was self-interest.  Since then Western Europe became increasingly fat and lazy around a reunified Germany, believing its own PR that a major European conflict was unthinkable, credible armed forces were unnecessary and the EU by its existence was some guarantor of perpetual peace. That’s the bonkers bit, conceited & self-deluded horse poo. Even now Europe’s not defenceless and a United show of diplomatic force (including Washington) would blunt Putin’s probing. Without it NATO’s credibility erodes, making Europe more vulnerable to aggressive Russian revisionism. That’s the path now being taken by Paris, Berlin and most importantly, Washington. 
    • It's worth remembering that this is existential for the EU. If they allow the UK a deal where we are not clearly worse off, why would any other country remain in the EU?
    • Izquierdo has done really well for them since xmas. Will be a bigger player for them next season and could potentially move higher up the league. Outside bet for the Colombian world cup squad.
    • I believe that if Trump worked for FedEx he'd have run towards the bomb.
    • And the other half don't think much of him.