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From: Darren Bent V.2

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It's become a matter of great discussion, about how important Darren Bent is to our future prospects and success. For what it is worth, if we had Young and Downing supplying from the wings, I would have Darren Bent in the team every single week. The problem is, we do not create the chances Darren thrives on, and thrived on under the attacking threat from both Downing and Young.

Simply, without the ammo, Darren is less of a threat.

In my eyes, we cannot risk playing somebody who offers so little to us as a team, especially when Benteke can bring others into the game (something I have seen little evidence of Bent doing).

So, I fully back Lambert with the dropping of Bent, we simply cannot afford to rely on somebody who has limits, especially when others are scoring plus add more to the team.

Darren bent is nowhere near the quality of Young. He is also not our best player imo. I also dont agree that most clubs would love him. Opinions eh?

Spot on!

Bottom line is that if Lambert doesn't fancy Bent then of course he should be sold. We are not in any position to be having players on 70k a week spending most of their time sitting on the bench. Not many clubs bar the elite are.

As others have said we currently look a better side with Bent out the team than in it. For that reason I don't see him getting much game time any time soon. In fact I suspect that Bent simply isn't part of Lamberts medium to long term plans and he'd be more than happy to have the 10+ mill and 70k a week in wages to spend on other players.

Source: Darren Bent V.2

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