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Studying Journalism at Uni of Derby, writing a blog to practise writing skills

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The Squad That Failed: Goalkeeper Review

This is an ongoing blog which will look at each area of Aston Villa’s squad of players that are contracted to the club at the end of the 2016 season. The first post will go through all the Goalkeepers at the club, looking at whether the club should attempt to keep them on, or try to offload them out of the club. After a season of failure, following years of near misses, it is easy to suggest that the entire squad should be ripped up, so the aim is to look objectively at every player. 1 - Br



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    • Summary from the weekend Guilbert (Caen) Away to Lyon (4-0) - Played 90 minutes. 6.04 whoscored.com rating. McCormack (Motherwell) Home to Livingston (3-2) - Not in the squad. Tshibola (Kilmarnock) Home to Rangers (2-1) - Unused substitute.
    • Surely the people who run FFP and do the investigations can see beyond such a trick? I think we are jumping to conclusions, personally I think this new company "NSWE Stadium" is more likely to do with ground improvements to keep the funds separate from running Aston Villa as a whole, as after all stadium improvements are exempt from FFP so they probably need a separate joint account with both their names so they can split the cost evenly. Either for a new stadium or a new North stand.
    • Your arms should be along your body. If it's point out in either direction at a given angel, say 45 degrees our more It should result in a handball.  What do you need your arms flailing around for anyways? Push and pull other players?   
    • I'd see the issue if they were selling it to anyone besides themselves. If the owners own the club and stadium under one company or two companies, it doesn't make a difference. Its a technicality. Still the same owner. We have to have faith r that they our club interest at heart. And if they don't it doesn't matter whether its listed under one or two coampanies, they're still the owners.  I'd be more worried that there isn't a certain percentage of the club that's owned by the fans. Take any owner, they can break the club apart and sell it asset by asset if they like it. Its out of our hands. 
    • Nah. Watford actually turned up and on another day could have had a couple of goals, which may or may not have changed the complexion of the game.  The scoreline flattered City for once. Watford can feel proud of themselves. 
    • Seal promotion on Monday and we literally win the lottery. No pressure. 
    • That's not a natural position for his arm to be in. It's a penalty IMO. The deliberate nature of it kicks in when he moves his arm into that unnatural position.  However, that's kinda besides the point. The decision is not mine to make, nor should it be that of the VAR deliberator. There is a clear and distinct movement which brings his arm into contact with the ball and so the referee should be afforded the chance to have another look and decide for himself. That is how they have presented the way in which the technology should be used, whether I think it is a penalty or not is irrelevant. I just want them to be consistent. 
    • Looks very good to me, one to watch as is Sinisalo
    • Maybe, maybe not. They are billionaires, their reputation is based in the main part on their wealth. We wouldn't be the first sports club to be screwed over by billionaire owners with wealth to protect.  They may not even mean to screw us (or their reputation) over. It could be an unintended consequence down the line. The overwhelming evidence however is that billionaires are bad people and separating football clubs from their stadia is a bad idea, why would we ignore that?
    • Does anyone know if we are due new sponsors next season? I really hope its not 32red again

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