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Studying Journalism at Uni of Derby, writing a blog to practise writing skills

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The Squad That Failed: Goalkeeper Review

This is an ongoing blog which will look at each area of Aston Villa’s squad of players that are contracted to the club at the end of the 2016 season. The first post will go through all the Goalkeepers at the club, looking at whether the club should attempt to keep them on, or try to offload them out of the club. After a season of failure, following years of near misses, it is easy to suggest that the entire squad should be ripped up, so the aim is to look objectively at every player. 1 - Brad Guzan The big American goalkeeper is slowly becoming part of the furniture at Villa Park, having been signed originally by Martin O’Neill. This makes him the second longest serving member of the senior squad, behind Gabriel Agbonlahor, which can be viewed in two very different ways. Having been there for so long he will understand the club, the fans, the expectations and be an old head in the dressing room that doesn’t cause trouble or grab the wrong headlines. However, unfortunately for him he has been the goalkeeper to have taken Villa through year after year of relegation battles and his form took a nosedive that he didn’t seem to quite recover from. He is still the USA’s first choice keeper and has helped keep us up in many seasons. Under the new management, especially with the new goalkeeper coach coming in, he is worth giving another chance. If the club receive any serious bids I can see him potentially wanting to put the last season behind him with a fresh start, but he doesn’t need to be forced out the club. 31 - Mark Bunn A strange one in the sense that he hasn’t showered himself in glory during his time at the club, but hasn’t been any worse than Guzan this season and has pulled off a couple of impressive saves. He hasn’t been a regular first choice keeper since 2009 with Sheffield United in the Championship. With his career slowly heading downward, and seemingly only ever signed permanently as a backup keeper, I would prefer it if he was moved on in the summer. 13 - Jed Steer Jed has been at the club a fair few years now and has never made the step up from third choice keeper, which would initially ring alarm bells and suggest he’s surplus to requirements. However, this season just gone he’s been sent out on loan to Huddersfield and by all accounts has done a good job for them, to the point that they’ve extended his loan twice. A keeper who is young and still developing, Aston Villa could do a lot worse than keep him at the club, even if it was as second choice. Whether he’d want to be second choice is another question though. The chances are he has found his level and if Huddersfield are interested in keeping him permanently, I would let him go.   41 - Bradley Watkins I know relatively little about this goalkeeper, but what I am aware of is that he has slowly overtaken Benjamin Seigrist in the eyes of the academy staff, who looked a capable goalkeeper himself at one time. I would guess though, at 21 years old, he probably hasn’t progressed to the level that would make him a viable bench keeper. With his contract up at the end of the month, it is unlikely that it will get renewed.   To summarise, I would only be looking to keep hold of Guzan for next season, but even then I wouldn’t say no to a reasonable offer. There are a lot of good goalkeepers in the lower leagues and this is one position we cannot afford to take a risk with. Rumours of Daniel Bentley are very welcome as I think he would be a fantastic option, but there are other keepers, such as David Marshall, who we could launch an ambitious bid for. I would consider signing: David Marshall - looked good for Cardiff in the Premier League, plenty of experience Boaz Myhill - was at West Bromwich under Di Matteo and Clarke, looked solid when called on Daniel Bentley - My preferred choice, an excellent young keeper for Southend who looks ready to take the next step. Hopefully Aston Villa can convince him to do that with them. It would make sense to build from the back, so a solid goalkeeping signing early on in the transfer window would be a signal of intent.



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    • We certainly wouldn’t want someone worse than Elphick.
    • Steven Lowy has quit the FFA  
    • So now the criteria is that they have to be better than elphick?   
    • If it weren't for the fact he's been here before I'd probably be happy enough with it.  Something doesn't sit right though with him coming back in on loan, don't know why...... 
    • So if a keeper saves a shot back into play.. and it gets cleared by a defender before the opposition.. that's not a stop?   Think your being harsh. It wasn't a clean stop as such but he did enough to put the striker off. Its a 1 on 1 chance.. a bit different comparing a shot that was badly fumbled. Most 1 on 1's you would back the striker. Like I said he could have easily brought him down.. gave away a pen and a straight red. He stayed big and put the striker off.  
    • I would say he is demanding as a coach and an eternal student of the game, rather than a perfectionist. He seems quite personable, the resounding feedback that I'm aware of is positive. The worst case being that he takes some time to get used to but eventually wins you over, which sounds more like a culture-shock than a criticism. I would prefer it to be Aston Villa has built the best team in the league, Grealish plays a vital role in that.
    • Newcastle were able to get promoted with Clark as their starter and he did okay for them in the premier league last season. At this level, he is a good pick up. We also have to be realistic. Do we really think we can get a better player than Clark on loan? Knows the club and has experience in this division. 
    • Rather we had Baker come back. 
    • Crowds are pretty good. Not massive, but the atmosphere is quite lively. They play out of Lang Park which is a strong rugby league bastion. In the past, I have been there to watch rugby  and to see the Roar, and the atmosphere between the two sports is very different. I would say the Roar fans tend to take it less seriously and are out to have a bit more fun, as opposed to parking their butt on a plastic seat and watching cross country wrestling. The new season doesn't kick off until October, and I haven't been there since 2012. Hopefully its still the same, because I remember it as a good day out.