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    • He seems to have matured quite a bit as a player; workrate, tracking back, tackling.  He put Snodgrass and Adomah  thru several times, unfortunately their endproducted ended up in the opposition.  His ability to take the ball with him and break away from the midfield pressure  line. Or to pass it thru to players further up the pitch is much needed. He's the only one with the ability, or confidence if you will, to do so. We end up passing sideways, get under pressure, lose or kick the ball away aimlessly far to often.  He'll be crucial to us the last half of the season. Sadly the team does not seem to be coached to reap the benefits of Grealishs ability. Or we're lacking the players. 
    • I think Elphick is quite solid to be fair, I'd prefer him in the team than Jedinak, I like having players in their proper positions 
    • I'm ecstatic they wanted a name, hope they go for another to put another nail in the coffin
    • I stand by this. Good omen? The Play-Off Final is the 26th of may. 
    • This. I think the confusion is coming from @pacbuddies (mis)use of the word "expectations". 
    • Sounded like a moan to me. But well done on avoiding answering my post  
    • Ok but if we are talking about Villatalk then I think you might be confusing lowering expectations with what is deemed acceptable by fans. I don't think any fans are happy to accept playoffs. But we have to except that's as good as it wll get this season.  
    • I don't recall 'moaning' as you put it. I made a simple comment. If you want to read something else into it because it suits your agenda for wanting an argument with someone then fill your boots.
    • It depends what you mean by expectations doesn't it? I EXPECT us to finish in the playoffs. That doesn't mean I think it is acceptable At the start of the season I expected us to finish top 2 and that would have been acceptable.   So I've lowered my expectations based on our performance so far. Doesn't mean i've lowered what I think is acceptable.    So either you're moaning about people adjusting where they EXPECT us to finish, in which case you're moaning about people being realistic based on our performances. OR you're moaning that people have lowered what they deem to be an acceptable finish. In which case I think you've made these people up. I think you'll find plenty of people satisfied with promotion by any means necessary, but you won't find many, if any, who would say finishing in the playoffs isn't below their ORIGINAL expectations.