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Where we are and why I'm positive

First off, let me say that just because this blog is called 'The Optimist' it doesn't automatically follow that I will fly in the face of criticising things that need to be criticised. Believe me, if I want to moan I will moan. But if I don't then I won't. I called it 'The Optimist' because in my years on VillaTalk I have come around to the realisation that on average I do tend to see the positive side of things more than most. So it seemed an apt name. Anyway, on to Villa. As a fir



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    • At the moment Ireland aren't in the play offs  Bulgaria are 🙄
    • Only played 36 minutes this season all as a sub. Not sure if he has been injured. 
    • Championship and abroad is exactly where we should be looking lots and lots of talent available for a fraction of the PL prices, at a fraction of the wages until they prove themselves.
    • Misplaced just four of 89 passes for a 96 per cent completion rate in the England game.............that's a damn good statistic.
    • Is that an umbro shirt?
    • Bulgaria manager who said "Bulgaria has no issue with racism" before the game said after the game that he "didnt hear anything" at all during the game and anyway, the england fans "were whistling and making loud noises too". Word removed. Can we ridicule him for the closet racist nazi sympathiser that he blatantly is. Scum. 
    • At the risk of boring everyone to death, think it's possible they might still get a play off place. That is such a wierd system, there was talk Azerbaijan could qualify for a play off place because of what they did in nations league, they are currently bottom of Wales group with one point.
    • Yeah 18 months ago they'd have been in panic stations but Romero played in big cup ties last year at Arsenal and Chelsea and was fairly solid from memory. That was in their incredible winning run though so I imagine he'll be much more tested if De Gea is out for the next few weeks.
    • The thing with Wes is he's been playing in europe for years, I was more on about scouting and signing the next big thing from the Brazilian league. Obviously need them to qualify for work permit but Watford for example signed Richarlison from Fluminense. Made a 30m profit on him within a year. Probably beyond us but it surprised me Everton Soares is still playing in Brazil after his fantastic copa america.
    • Think Jacob Ramsey played at an older England age group recently as well 

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