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Where we are and why I'm positive

First off, let me say that just because this blog is called 'The Optimist' it doesn't automatically follow that I will fly in the face of criticising things that need to be criticised. Believe me, if I want to moan I will moan. But if I don't then I won't. I called it 'The Optimist' because in my years on VillaTalk I have come around to the realisation that on average I do tend to see the positive side of things more than most. So it seemed an apt name. Anyway, on to Villa. As a first p



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    • Has Villalad21 hacked your account?
    • Why should somebody bare all the responsibility?  Whether it is Smith or Klopp or Dyche. I agree they bare most, because they are a leader, in charge of tactics etc but I would argue it depends on the question/topic.  In terms of recruitment we know it’s not individual because they have this panel arrangement.  Also Suso is in charge or recruitment and has pulled together all the info on players recommended.  I mean with all the games these days they is only so much time managers get to study other players and rely heavily on their recruitment team.
    • You don’t want much!
    • Final say. Wow. This a new thing or are you on the board? 
    • Smith is given a list of targets and scouting reports and has the final say. Transfers aren't going through behind he's back  Players like Jota, Konsa, El Ghazi, Mings and Hause are definitely Smith signings
    • Team game, but in the end there should be one decision maker who bares the responsibility. Nowadays responsibility is often shared, and no-one knows who to blame.
    • McGinn will have a £30m price tag and has imo missed too much of this season and been too poor to justify it Trez might have an option to leave as he's constantly linked back to Turkey, Luiz I don't see leaving, not been good enough for the PL and can't see a mid table Spanish team paying what we would want for him Agree on mings, again I don't see anyone paying the £30m we would want for him Samatta depends on how we finish, he would smash the championship, you'd hope that if he scores enough goals to get some better teams interested in him then he also scores enough goals to keep us up...needing another striker is probably an issue regardless of what league we're in, championship could see Barry step up for games  Heaton with his injury stays which is huge  It'll be less work than staying up, 2 or 3 good players and we will be very strong down there 
    • McGinn will have a lot of interest Jack will be gone Trezeguet and Luiz are Internationals. Would want to leave Mings i think will stay. Seem to have a genuine love for the club Samatta i think will also be gone I think what we'll be left with is mediocre. No real goalscorers. I think it will be a real struggle, with top 6 being the most realistic outcome.
    • We were on a 4 game losing streak. Crucial for us to get off to a good start. If not in terms of results at least put in a decent performance

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