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  • Posts

    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      Obviously this post is made up internet nonsense: When we had a new British Gas meter fitted it was set to zero, nobody took the old reading. Soon after, they came and read the meter and then shortly afterwards credited our bank account with just over a grand rebate as we'd clearly been overpaying for some time. Tentative discussions with neighbours soon suggested the same had happened at number 52, 54, 56, 58..... We kept that money for 12 months expecting them to eventually realise their error.      
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      Hopefully it won't  be Gary Neville... "After a 1-0 defeat to Real Betis, Valencia have now played nine games under Neville - and haven't won any of them..."
    • Defence
      Thought I'd bump this up after our recent upturn in results. I think a large portion of our "success" is down to how much more solid we look.  I think in football, trust is everything between players, teams (def, mid & fwd's) and the overall unit.  Bringing Aly back was an obvious solution to our obvious lack of quality at left back, and with Okore coming back into the center, it has given Lescott less to worry about.  I think credit should be given to Remi for moving Richards back to right back too, he could have easily dropped one of Okore or Lescott and continued with the (imo) suicidal Hutton at right back. I think for the first time in a long time we've got a nice balance, we have 2 left footers, 2 right footers, a nice blend of height, athletcism & pace (minus Lescott).  All of the defenders seem to be played to their strengths too, which is always nice to see. Whilst we haven't got any Dani Alves's, we look much more defensively mature and able - and in our predicament being hard to score against is always a good sign.  I hope that we can see this settled defense for the rest of the season and include a bit of pace with Gabby, Traore & Ayew when everyone is back.  The team may have some good qualities to look forward to.  
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      When you switched, there should have been a final meter reading. Up to that meter reading value, SP were the provider and you are liable to pay them for the actual energy used (not an estimate). As advised by MBF and V01 SP need to tell you the actual cost of the energy used and then it can be seen of they owe you , or you owe them. A change of £150 is a big shift - assuming you paid monthly  - it might be explained by SP's bills to you being based on estimated meter readings going back a fair while, but otherwise looks odd. So the key thing - get them to give you a statement pertaining to your final meter reading(s), and make sure that new supplier is also going off that reading as their starting reading.
    • Rocket League
      Do I need to get this game?  Once I've finished Witcher of course.