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  • Posts

    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Careful you are shifting the blame to the manager from Lerner
    • Football Betting 2015/6
      Gone for this today...
    • PES 16
      Lol the Cpu catch me out with that occasionally , I do the same thing with the GK. Simple fix, just don't try to intercept. Also, won my first league title . Took me five seasons, but we made it. In the CL final too. Next goal, the treble!
    • Weekends football 13/14 Feb
      Come on West Ham! Need Chelsea to beat Newcastle too.
    • Favourite Animals
      Revolver or Babou?  
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Every team isn't going to conveniently lose every match to help us and we aren't going win every game, there will be plenty of ups and downs before the seasons over and done with. Sunderland have caused a bit of an upset today, but will probably lose games where they expect to do better as well. Hopefully we can cause a few upsets of our own, starting tomorrow.
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      This is why we need a dislike button.
    • Jores Okore
      sadly every single member of our squad will be looking to get a move when/if we go down, while I like Okore and the fact Sherwood ignored him for so long was terrible, I think his attitude show in those quotes whilst unsurprising is still pretty poor. It's massively subjective but I feel these are the players who are likely to be sold or try and get a move: Gana, Vertout, Ayew, Okore, Richards, Gil, Lescott, Sinclair. The issue is will we get what we paid? I think we will struggle to shift Gana and Vertout for the 8-9mil amongst others each we paid.   Players who are unlikely to get a move, due to form or injury or at least because they found their level: Gestede, Westwood, Clark, Hutton, Bunn, Guzan, Gabby, Bacuna, Cissokho, Kozak, Gardener, Grealish, Baker and more...  Now i'm sure even the second list will have a fair few sold for very little just to get the wages off, and because people will take risks or the club will force them out and maybe a few will stay either because they want to (canned laughter) or because they can't get the move they want. The club might dig their heels on a few they want to keep, in the hope they will give it another season. I have watched teams like QPR play hardball over their best players, but ultimately the ones they didn't sell in the summer have now all been flogged or sent out in loan in January, as there is only so long you can support Premiership wages in the Championship. Appreciate some of our players have relegation clauses which may get round that. The fact is I don't even think Garde will get all the money from those that are sold on, because Lerner will want to mop up his losses. So will Garde fancy rebuilding the club on a shoe-string? I really hoped Okore would be one of the ones who stayed for at least a year following relegation, the fact he wants Champion's League football is a little laughable considering his injury record. I rate him a great deal but he's proved nothing yet, if it's about getting a new contract then fair enough but don't air those views in the media.
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