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  • Posts

    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      Bloody foreigners, coming over here, stealing our crimes.
    • The Film Thread
      Very underwhelmed by the trailer, but like you it's what I expected given the previous that has come before it. They should have held off on Civil War and made it the next big multi-phase project after the Infinity Stones saga. I feel like they're wasting a really interesting and rich story with plenty of meaningful issues and opportunities to add a bit of depth and social commentary to a superhero movie.
    • Rushian Hepburn-Murphy
      Off topic but how did Kozak play?
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread      
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      I think 'accept' is the wrong term. I have a friend that works at the tax, I have a friend that is a dry liner. DL guy is clearly taking the system for a ride. Tax friend is too. They have too much work to get through at the tax office, so they are offered weekend over time. But they can't be paid over time. So they are given time and a half off in lieu. So my mate works a Saturday, which means that month there is a week where he doesn't have to turn up until Tuesday afternoon. So guess what, they ask him to work over time. It's like a strange mix of the films Ground Hog Day and Brazil. Dry Liner mate has tried to get work via me, but the system I work in is full on admin and cost consultant lead, with forms and procedures that mean you have to prove you have insurance and vat and everything before you get a sniff of payment. He doesn't get his cash work via me. I'm very lucky not to be anywhere near the sort of building site that will pay cash. If they are paying cash then they aren't doing all the paperwork, checking CS cards etc.. If that's the case, good luck with your insurance when it goes wrong. Should I report my one mate to my other mate? That would feel a bit shabby for some reason. Not absolutely clear why. Mates I guess, but then I've never 'snitched' on anyone and the real reason is probably right there, the connotation of 'snitch', 'grass'.  I didn't report him when he had a back garden full of herbs either, come to think of it.
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      True but how many Bankers are in prison compared to the people mentioned ? Crime is crime but I suspect the richer you are then the less chance you have of a) been investigated b ) Going to prison.  It should be completely the other way around with the punishments a lot harsher.  If you don't tell the HMRC about 15 k a year and then compare it to bankers who knowingly risked the pensions or investments of millons of people then yes,  a crime is a crime as you say but ask a million people who from the 2 examples should be shot at dawn and I think I know the answer. 
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      For every Jamie Vardy there is a Jordan Bowery. Don't let the media make you think otherwise. We have essentially been there done that. Yes you will pick up some good players in the lower leagues but it helps if the environment they are coming into is a relatively successful one and not a struggling team.
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