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  • Posts

    • Jack Grealish
      Wouldn't surprise me if allowing Grealish to hang around afterwards was a test by Garde.  Give someone enough rope to hang themselves with and see what they do with it.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I don't know, did you see them yesterday? Sterling and Aguero both had easy chances but missed them. Juventus simply worked hard in midfield which is what we did albeit with lower quality. Whilst we probably rode our luck at times I think it was a good performance. It was essentially top vs bottom and everyone would've taken a point from that game.
    • Albums of the Year 2015
      Not that many new releases I've been interested in (still collecting old stuff) but what I did get: Brian Wilson - No Pier Pressure Halestorm - Into The Wild Life Lindemann - Skills In Pills Slayer - Repentless Buckcherry - Rock N Roll Todd Rundgren - Global
    • Football Manager 2016
      Wrong but a very cute attempt missing the point entirely. Ronaldo never scored anything near that at 22 and using him as an example despite him being a once in a decade talent perhaps even some would say more is ridiculous. Especially considering FM has these kinds of players numerous times in an ingame year.
    • Jack Grealish
      Yeah I can't see how he can blame Garde for his antics. He says George Graham would make him get on the coach and ruin his weekend. Times are different and Jack is responsible for his own actions. Anyway Remi says that he would only normally let players stay in a city after a game a couple of times a season. Sounds like Merson was at it every weekend. 
    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      We could do that, ignore the UN Resolution calling on member states to use all necessary means to defeat IS, and simply leave it to others.  That said with many 100's of our own citizens committing atrocities in the service of IS, you could argue we have an additional level of responsibility to help the international community in dealing with the problem.
    • The Chairman Mao resembling, Queen hating, threat to Britain, Labour Party thread
      Give over Mantis - it's a good point by snowy - The "Corbynista" tag is a media invented/coined one. They've taken Sandinista (socialist Nicaraguan freedom fighters/party) and Corbyn and conflated the two to give an easy term to apply to people to make them out to be also a bunch of kind of extreme socialist rebels. Instead of most of them being just people who don't agree with austerity - people not so different in most ways to many other voters or "ordinary hard working families"
    • Jack Grealish
      Garde........."This is not the way you have to behave when you want to be a very good football player". Simple as that Jack (and everyone who sees it as a fuss about nothing). He either gets that (and already should) or he doesnt.