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  • Posts

    • Fallout 4
      I'm around 60 hours in, level 33 and according to the stats i've still only done three of the main story missions... How big is this **** game?
    • Leicester City
      I like how the term racist is more offensive to some people than actual racial epithets  .  I don't buy the "it was a lapse in judgement" or "just a mistake" lines. I see that as their true colours coming out tbh. There's no reason to use racial slurs if you don't hold racist views.The only lapse in judgement was the fact that they actually said it out loud. I see nothing wrong with mentioning a person is a racist, especially in an offhand comment. 
    • Fallout 4
      Well up to level 13 now. Having real trouble killing enemies though.  My sniper rifle does 51 damage, but I literally need 10 head shots to kill super mutants and Raiders?  Even my shotgun from close range (55 damage) needs at least 4 shots. (should I be using the VATS more, doesn't seem to do much!?) Ammo is very expensive aswell from the stores Stuck on one of the last Danse/Clooney missions and i need to clear out some mine, but there are about 50 raiders in there so don't want to risk going in.  Am I trying this too soon? I've also lost my dog and Cate...told them to go back to the sanctuary and I cant see them anywhere  ?? Any help appreciated !    
    • Leicester City
      He's an attention seeker looking to raise his own profile, very much a calculated move, another one to be put under the 'professional victim' column. 
    • January 2016 Transfer Speculation
      Planning for the Championship is something you would expect any competent board to be doing as a Plan B However, plan A should be staying in this league, and It shouldn't matter even if we don't get another point between now and January. Whilst it's still Mathematically possible to stay up, that should be the main goal. And that means providing the Manager with any funds necessary.  Going down is one thing, excepting relegation while there is 5 months and plenty of points left is quite another. If the Club don't spend the Chairman should be dragged out of B6 by his balls.    Over to you Randolph.
    • Leicester City
      As shit as the NFL is as so many other things (fines for wearing the wrong shoes) teams, will fine/suspend/fire players even if they are their best player. Football over here is stupid is this regard. I mean Suarez racially abuses Evra and Liverpool players wear t-shirts in support of him.
    • Paddy Riley
      It sounds like the sort of thing people complain is happening when they're not really sure what is happening.
    • The Careers/Jobs thread
      Yes, although the last time I did it, it was literally just one line going "Rightio Boss, I've decided I'm off. In keeping with the one month notice policy I'm skidaddling on X date." ( more or less, I may have been a bit more formal when I wrote it.
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