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  • Posts

    • Adama Traore
      Very lively from what I've read. Was involved in most of our attacks.
    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      Unsurprisingly agree with all of that and would add that comparisons to Vietnam etc are completely false. The aims of communist insurgents did not include ushering in the end times which is the explicit intention of IS' ideology. You don't have to read much about the subject to understand this is not a cover story for more temporal objectives like the seizure of personal power, wealth and status, it is exactly what they believe and are striving for. I also don't see the value in comparisons to 'US caused deaths vs IS caused deaths' other than to try and draw some ludicrous moral equivalence. However wrong the Americans may have got their response to 9/11 (with more than a little support from us), those intentions did not include genocide, mass enslavement and sexual exploitation of minority populations etc.   Trying to compare the two is frankly bizarre and morally bankrupt. Their 'plan' is quite simple: destabilize and overthrow regimes in the Muslim world they consider to be apostates i.e. all of them;  Unify the global Muslim community under a single Caliphate; usher in the end times and the return of Jesus, at which time he will lead and fight with the Muslim world to defeat the non-Muslim world leading to God's rule on earth. As batshit crazy as that sounds to most sentient beings it is also exactly what they are about.  Failing to grasp that might lead people to a belief that negotiation might be possible, but they would be wrong in every sense of the word. I don't think anyone believes that defeating IS militarily will solve the Syrian civil war, the answer there can ultimately only be political. That said there can be no negotiated settlement until IS is defeated and removed from the vast area of Syria they currently control, for the reasons stated above.
    • Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)
      Imo, you can't just point the finger at a fraud of a manager as you call it. Right now the guy in charge isn't doing any better nor did the guy before him by much of a margin. The players you are alluding too have never in their while careers shown that they can perform at the highest level so you have nothing to go on other than sheer hope that the reason they look so shit is because a multiple of managers can't get them performing to any form of reasonable level. Whereas the likelihood is, is that they're just not good enough.
    • Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)
      That is horrible reasoning. There are many reasons why they don't look good in our team (one of them being they were coached by a fraud of a manager for 90% of it), but if it makes you feel better to just simplify things and conclude they're shit then by all means. Put it this way, if we brought back Albrighton who is ripping it up right now and dropped him in this team he will look just as bad. Just like he did before he left incidentally.
    • Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)
      So a lot of our players would look good in other teams? Why don't they all just look good in our team? Why didn't those other better teams sign them? Oh yeah, because they're shite.
    • Micah Richards
      Even if that's true, not sure how he can't show passion celebrating by himself. Besides, he was clearly gesturing to the fans during his 'solo' celebration anyway. Find another stick.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      Realise it's all tongue in cheek but I've said plenty recently that's not apocalyptically bleak.  Ironic because our current situation is of a certain 'acopalyptical bleakness' that I've been wary of for quite a while.
  • Today's Birthdays

    1. Spoony
      (25 years old)