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  • Posts

    • Leandro Bacuna
      Two not so good games now from Leandro. I think he's trying too hard, and doesn't make smart choices right now, but is still one of those players who can score for us. We need them more than ever, Lescott won't do it every game.
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Yes and we have the likes of man city spurs everton and chelsea to play in the meantime lol
    • Leandro Bacuna
      The one player who had a stinker yesterday. Shouldn't be in the first XI IMO.
    • Leicester City
      I watched the game and Leicester were by far the better team. They aren't doing this through luck. 
    • Jordan Veretout
      He showed today what he can do if players in front of him make runs and move around off the ball.  Yet another assist for the lad, his 4th since Garde arrived.  He reminds me of a younger Jimmy Milner with his tireless workrate, vision, and strong technical ability.  I hope we hold onto him next season.
    • Idrissa Gana Gueye
      Aside from the Man City match, he's been our best player of 2016 so far.  Gana is much better in the defensive midfielder role than any of our other players.  He's stronger than Westwood, better on the ball than Sanchez, and has an outstanding work rate to boot.  Lescott and Okore have been getting a lot of praise for their defensive heroics lately, but Gana has played a large part in breaking up the opposition's attacks before they even start.  If he sees out the remainder of the season playing like this, someone bigger than us will come in for him this summer.  
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      Unfortunately, Gabby is a huge reason why we're bottom of the table and pretty much doomed to relegation. He hasn't scored in the double digits in five seasons, and he just scored his first in eleven months.  Even if he starts banging them in like Jamie Vardy to close this season out and keep us up, I still want him to be the first player out the door this summer.
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      If we win against Liverpool, we would definitly have a chance. Only 3 points than we were last season at the same stage. We ended the season 3 points above from safety with two to go. Win this and its most likely 10 points to West Brom. There is a good chance it will be one points to Sunderland, 4 to Norwich and 5 to Newcastle.  Thats if we could win against Liverpool which is possible. Those 3 are yet to play each other andare yet to play Swansea, so there are couple of six pointers to be played thats without counting Bournmouth, who are in a good form atm the moment yet could go in a bad run too although they have a good players. A winning against Liverpool would be crucial, if we win that I could see us safe by the end of May. On the mental game we might handle it better than other teams if we got back to the mix. Ofcourse we prefer other results to go our way which would only help.