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  • Posts

    • Jordan Veretout
      I thought he looked good, particularly in the first half, he's bright, lively and good with the ball for me he's our best central midfielder at the moment. Also, an overweight Westwood? Did Westwood lose three stone?  
    • Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?
      Enjoying 'The Bridge' so far (2 episodes in). It has the political slant that Season 2 had but it seems a bit more realistic and thus watchable. Heard good things about 'Capital' so will give that a go too. Enjoyed the book well enough, even if it was a bit predictable.
    • Carles Gil
      I think Tony suggested a 4-4-1-1 a few pages back, that's something I'd consider if Gil is to continue in the first 11, give him a proper free role behind the striker. Remi dosen't seem to rate Bacuna much but I'd play him as a sort of Milner like right sided midfield who can get up and down the right and help out Hutton, dunno who plays on the left. 
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      y january i dont think we will be definitely down and we dont need good players, we just need players who can fight and get a job done. surely we can stiil attract the kind of players we need to try and keep us up. will admit though its a terrible time to buy players.
    • The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread
      Yet he looked better than ever two fights ago against Pulev... In my opinion no version of Wlad beats Fury (bar having a punchers chance), he can't cope with the movement and Fury's ability to master distance. Fury exposed fundamental flaws that have always been there.  A 30 year old Wlad was getting knocked down 3 times against Sam Peter, I genuinely believe that this is pretty much the best Wladimir has ever been. Yes his previous fight against Jennings was a stinker, but prior to that he destroyed Pulev and was destroying every one else in his path, looking more aggressive and throwing the left hook better than ever. At the end of the day, styles make fights and Fury's style is not something Wlad will ever be comfortable with. The only thing I'd say is that maybe, with Manny Steward in his corner, he would have had a lot more urgency and would have been (slightly) more willing to throw caution to the wind...
    • Jordan Veretout
      Stan was poor for a lot of his first season but picked up towards the end. It was same the following year. He started putting in consistant week after week performances in 08/09 which won him POTY and I thought he was very good the following season that meant we barely missed Barry. He scored a lot of goals in Scotland so a lot of Villa fans were expecting a good AM player hence the criticism but he became an excellent DM instead. I'd be amazed if Veretout comes anywhere near. He'd be too lightweight for the championship imo so I'd flog him back to France and get some money in.
    • Jordan Veretout
      If Veretout performs like that in 2/3 years time then I imagine he'll get more stick for it.
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Couple of things here - firstly, no one half decent will come to us in January and secondly, we need see if we are still cut adrift by then (probably) and think about players suited to a championship campaign 
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