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  • Posts

    • The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread (regenerated)
      and there was me being quite impressed with Crabb and thinking he should enter the race for Leader when Dave stands down    
    • Sunderland
      From the Mirror website  
    • The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread (regenerated)
      even that is difficult to truly validate , Google seems to confirm the trend of them leaving but one search result has a headline of one third , the one  underneath a half  , the one underneath says they are thinking of leaving and the one underneath that said that immigrants are to blame and Diana was the Queen of our hearts   further down a search result from 2010 suggests 23 % of Doctors leave after their 2 year training course ... if we were to go with the 1/3 figure now being quoted  , it's a 10 % increase  since before the Tories killed the NHS .. still a  trend but it's not quite the same headline grabbing as a third leaving  .... so in summary Doctors have always left the NHS but currently slightly more are  ??
    • The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread (regenerated)
      I thought the white middle aged Aussie wanting to curb immigration needed a reality check right in the kisser. It was all about context last night with Nigel. He was utterly wrong in some of his 'facts', but has the skill of lacking any humility or embarrassment so just plowed on through. He was attacking the Labour leader, so he was on a bit of an easy ride. Plus of course, half the audience was from little england just down the road from Carmarthen. Crabb, the tory Secretary of State for Wales, based in Westminster, appeared slightly surprised that a question came up on saving steel, didn't have anything to say about the Swansea energy project (he literally shrugged and looked away) and confessed to 'not knowing the specifics relevant to Wales' on a health question. That's the job for me, 6 figure salary, 6 storey office in Westminster, no need to brush up on the basics before a TV programme. There's a man stealing a good living.  Thought it was a fairly weak show last night.  
    • The Concert/Gig Thread
      seat68 king of the mosh pit 
    • The Concert/Gig Thread
      And me but a good show is a good show. 
    • The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread (regenerated)
      That's an absolutely appalling slur, Tony. I demand a retraction....... I buy the Independent (which the lizard people are going to close down  ) otherwise, fair comment Anyway, on the Doctors thing, I think there's kind of a couple of "bleeding' obvious" things which tend to point towards siding with the Doctors. Firstly, 7 day NHS - this is a good thing, I've seen myself, unfortunately the level of care at non-weekdays is not what people should have to expect. So if there are going to be more doctors working over the weekend (and more nurses, cleaners, technicians, radiographers, etc.) then that's good. But, that doesn't mean taking Doctors (etc.) from a Wednesday or tuesday and putting them to work on a Sunday - that just makes weekday cover worse - no overall gain. So the first thing to do would be to get more staff, surely? Which will require either more money (which the Gov't are not providing for that purpose) or paying lower wages (to more people). For Doctors to go on strike, on a 98% yes vote, suggests that they are seriously pissed off. Doctors are by definition educated and intelligent people. They can read contract proposals and overwhelmingly understand how they affect them, in their individual circumstances. The second major big thing is that the Gov't decided to propose something. They decided to make the change. It is incumbent on them to come up with something workable, rather than to get to the position where recruitment is down, Doctors are leaving, strikes are taking place and so on. The onus has to be with Hunt. He's utterly ballsed it up. You can see the lying and deception and politicking in what he does. The latest thing claiming all these NHS execs supported imposition of the contract - they've denied that furiously. Why lie like that? More interested in public opinion than sorting it out. It's terrible. I would believe a Doctor over a politician every day of the week. When it's all Doctors, plus Consultants, nurses and the rest of the staff (other than perhaps managers) that makes me more certain that Hunt is to blame.
    • Rocket League
      I probably just haven't seen it.  I expect to get home tonight to find a veritable smorgasbord of PS4 invites.