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  • Posts

    • The Rémi Garde thread
      If there is one thing the board need, it is a manager who is actually, for once, mostly popular with the fans. The board know this, and I think they will move heaven and earth to keep remi. Also, after this window, they bloody owe him.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I don't think that style of football is sustainable at the higher ends of the table, as soon as Leicester's confidence goes I can see them drop like a stone playing how they currently are, whether that be this season or next. Ultimately in football you need the ball to score (as the cliche goes, "the best form of defence is attack") and we showed under both Lambert and McLeish that 9 times out of 10 you're gonna be at the wrong end of the table playing that way. You can't let the opponent just have the ball for the entirety of the game and hope you can steal a goal or 2 on the counter, most of the time it just doesn't work. It's fine if you want to scrape to 40 points each season but if you want to work your way up the table, you need to dominate games more. Leicester are a bit of an anomaly really, they're the perfect mixture of pace, confidence, form, discipline and luck, they might be able to sustain it until May, but I doubt they will stay near the top of the table for long unless they adapt their style a little bit.   So for us moving forward, I'd prefer to keep plugging away at what we're currently doing, it's more satisfying to watch than most counter attacking football and I think long term it's more likely to take us towards getting back to the top half.
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      Blimey, "in the land of the blind....." !! Please remember Gabby is rubbish, barely a PL standard forward, he was always the player who we needed a much better alternative, but OK as a squad player/impact sub. Currently we have virtually nothing up front, so I guess any glimmer of hope i.e. a forward actually scoring and we may well get irrationally excited but I don't think this is going to be a fairy tale. But I really hope it is. i think the stick he gets is justified, he needs to put in a few shifts for me.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I think the patient possession approach is what I want to see in the long term even if we go down. Away from home I am more than happy to counter but at home I'd like us to dominate possession and be on the front foot. In my opinion our abysmal home record has something to do with how deep we sit and allow other teams to play.
    • PES 16
      Any tips on this? I keep being 'sucker punched', dominate games but they get a quick break and score - a lot of the time I can't catch up and then it's impossible to break down their defence and I rely on long shots. Have just lost 1-0 4 times in a row lol
    • Things You Don't "Get"
      Nobody actually likes vodka surely ?   its just a drink you down in one thus getting you pissed a bit quicker on a lads night out ... With the occasional wacky flavour thrown in for comedy / novelty factor ( I had chilli flavour in Kiev and it burnt my throat and killed my taste buds for a long while !! )
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I was very worried to hear the commentator on the stream I may have been watching say that Lyon have no manager at the moment. They have a temporary coach in charge until the end of the season. Could be just the ticket for Garde, I really hope not. Even at this point I would rather go down and keep Garde than stay up and for him to walk! Bold statement I know (and I await the negative nanny's slating this post with baited breath) , but I really believe that he is the real deal. The chances of Fox,  or whoever clown Lerner tasks with the job of finding his replacement, finding us a good a manager are very slim indeed.  Please stay Remi! 
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