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  • Posts

    • The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread
      He's not really known for doing things the hard way, and at 35 I'm not sure he will try to force himself to be a mandatory. I think he'll try and force a fight using his mouth, and maybe by fighting someone like Joshua, in the hope that he wins and spikes public interest.  But yeah, I don't anticipate Haye's return lasting too long, he has very limited room for manoeuvre. In fact I think he would be better off trying to chase a fight with Wilder. Wilder is chinny and Haye apparently gave him a real pasting in sparring when training for the Fury fight that never happened.  A win over Wilder would net him the WBC title, so assuming Fury would still have the other belts, a fight between the two would be for the undisputed heavyweight title, this way Haye brings something genuine to the table and I think Fury would be keen to unify the final belt. 
    • General Chat
      If I suspected it was a Nestlé product, I'd make sure beforehand and then not drink it.
    • Leicester City
      Vardy is overrated and will be back to being what he was last season fairly shortly. Mahrez on the other hand appears to be top class.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      Illori has to be given a go, he can't be any worse than what we have. I also want to see Okore back in the starting 11. Our defence has cost us big time. 
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      No you're wrong - we are in this position because of Lerner's incompetence not because of greed. I imagine he has lost tens if not hundreds of millions in the last six years.
    • Star Wars Battlefront 3
      I like AngryJoe's reviews a LOT. Feel they are very honest and generally show a true representation of a game. If a game is good he will say it's good. Rocket League, Witcher, MGS and Fallout have had awesome reviews from AJ this year. If they are bad, he also says so and gives constructive criticism and doesn't love it just because it's Dice or whoever.  To say he just moans a lot is wrong,  he moans when there's something to moan about. In this game,  there's a lot.     FWIW, I agree with most of what he says in this review, and I'm so glad I didn't buy this game. 
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      Sorry for being a negative bastard but I just don't see this. When we go down, half of these players probably won't be sticking around (the so called talented ones we signed in the summer), I'm fairly sure of that. 
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      ....then we could have played the new RB and switched Hutton across to cover the gap on the left......oh, hang on a minute!!!
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