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  • Posts

    • General Chat
      By Jon · Posted
      He's clearly a Pirate. Try saying his name without adopting a pirate intonation. 'GHarperrrrr'.
    • Fantasy Football 2015/6
      By Stevo985 · Posted
      Three injured defenders for me. And I've already used my transfer to get Gomez out of the team, who wasn't playing anyway. On the plus side, I'd gambled with Ivanovic as captain because I could just see him getting a couple of goals against us Don't have to take that risk now.
    • Fantasy Football 2015/6
      By BOF · Posted
      One of those weeks where there's a potential captain dilemma involving Alexis Sanchez and A.N.Other. Obviously both getting hattricks is the bestest outcome.
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By tylerreznik · Posted
      I think the crux of the issue with Tactics Tim, he doesn't know his best team, he doesn't know what formation we should play, he doesn't know which tactics to employ.  He's just throwing darts and hoping that telling the boys to go there and play 'attacking' football is enough....  It's not champ.... Sadly the game has become way more 'professional' in recent years, other managers spend time actually analysing opponents, come clubs have teams of analysts devoted to the task, other managers have a very clear idea of how to set up a team formation wise, yet maintain a fairly consistent style of play, other managers are able to watch a match and make changes on the run.  Some managers are even good enough to work with players they didn't sign, or don't really rate and yet still produce a team capable of playing football and winning matches.  Tim Sherwood is not a football manager, never was and clearly is never going to be. For gods sake, i know the best 15 as do most fans, i'm also smart enough to understand and appreciate the best (or most suited) 11 for Sunderland at home is going to be different to best 11 that you'd line up against Chelsea away, Tactics Tim hasn't worked this out yet, that why we have a squad of players and substitutes bench buddy. If you translate what this clown is saying in his statements, he has basically publicly come out and said I don't know what I'm doing.  I don't know how to pick a team, I don't know how to conduct pre season training (doesn't know who his best players are, players not fit enough), I don't know how to conduct day to day training (players not fit enough), I don't know how to research opponents, I don't know how I can communicate tactical changes to my team during a match. This baffoon is not going to turn anything around, that has become very very obvious, at best he is going to jag a few wins here and there through blind luck, and to be honest we really need to rely on opponents in that regard.  
    • Cricket: General Chat
      By PaulC · Posted
      Yes I agree Rodders. The Bell drop and the Broad no ball could cost us any chance of winning this game. Need to get Younis early on.