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  • Posts

    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By DK82 · Posted
      The disease is Lerner, relegation won't rid us of him.
    • PES 16
      By lexicon · Posted
      New players! So the squad has been strengthened/improved. --------Toivonen----Welbeck------- ---------------Andre Gomes--------- ------Kroos------------Yaya Toure -------------Steven Davis---------------- Fabio-Mustafi-----Ivanovic--Clyne -----------------Zieler----------------------   Subs: Podolski, Icardi, Lodeiro, Tisserand, Lazar, Mane, Marveaux.   Admittedly, I spent 10 bucks on coins to take advantage of the Special Agent available at the moment - that got me Welbeck, Gomes, Podolski and Clyne - so not a bad haul. 
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By CrackpotForeigner · Posted
      I don't think relegation would be a good thing at all, but PM is far from the only one to suggest that it might be okay/what we need.
    • Ched Evans guilty of rape
      By Czechlad · Posted
      See this is why I did not want to discuss this because somehow this has turned from a discussion about Ched Evans to me. You are now directly asking me if I am in a position where I have essentially raped a woman. This is ridiculous because now I have to defend myself instead of discussing the issue. No I have never been in a situation where the woman did not agree to have sex me with. Sex is rarely ever a question. I don't directly ask my girlfriend if we want to have sex. Things progress to a point where that happens from our actions. Let's go over exactly what happened. Evans was in a room with the woman who was obviously drunk because she said she had little to no recollection of the events. The only way she even knew she had sex with Evans was because Evans stated it. The woman apparently was too drunk to give consent to Evans, but for some reason Evan's friend McDonald was not punished for having sex with the woman with Evans. So somehow McDonald was legally given consent whereas Evans was not? There is a major grey area here because we don't know if she told Evans not to join in, or she wanted him out because she did not remember, and neither Evans nor McDonald said anything, so if she did say no, but he went on ahead anyway, that is clear cut rape. BUT if she did not protest to Evans joining in, that is not rape even if she was so drunk that she could not remember what happened. Unless she was actually unconscious or unable to function like a normal person, it seemed consensual.  Plus the woman's behavior was very suspicious as well. She had been messaging her friends that night, but deleted all the messages so they could not be used. Why would she do this? The woman also went to twitter during the accusations claiming she won big, and would be making all her dreams come true which included purchasing multiple mini coopers. Again why would a woman who was raped go out an publicly say these things? Then there was the interview with McDonald who when asked if the woman seem overly drunk/non-coherent responded with: A Normal, clear, she wasn't slurring her words and falling all over the road.  If that was the case would have gone to the taxi by herself and sent her home myself.  Yeah she was consenting.  If this is all true, that is not rape. BUT again grey areas. Two mates could easily have stuck by their story this whole way through knowing that is would ruin Evans. I personally think Evans really does believe he is innocent. I can't say either way because I don't know everything, but from the evidence and testimonials, it did seem consensual. 
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By villan_007 · Posted
      No you wouldn't. It what world would you? Never understood a fan who thinks relegation is a good thing.
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