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  • Posts

    • Rugby World Cup 2015
      By CarewsEyebrowDesigner · Posted
      I see at least one journo has come to the realisation that maybe Lancaster wasn't a good choice in the first place. Of course he wasn't, he had no experience at the top level and hadn't won anything significant. If you're England, you can't piss away four years on an experiment. You already have the players, the coaches and the resources, more than any other nation on Earth. Besides that, coaching is done at club level. At international level, what you need is someone who can make decisions and knows what it takes to win. It really isn't a great mystery. Ireland were under-performing, so they hired a man who had success at club level and lo and behold they've won trophies at international level. Australia were a bit shit too, so they also hired a chap who had success at club level and lo and behold they won the Rugby Championship, and look a mighty impressive team. Even Japan, who were not up to much, hired a chap who had success at both club and international level and look at them now. How England have repeatedly failed to hire the right person is quite incredible. With that in mind, while Lancaster failed spectacularly, questions need to be asked about who is making the big decisions behind the scenes.        
    • Scott Sinclair
      By villarocker · Posted
      Two people said to me yesterday "Sinclair is another Gabby". It's hard to disagree. The only thing that may set them apart is the goal count at the end of the season. 
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By HeyAnty · Posted
      I posted this 4 games ago and got totally slated for doing so especially from DCJonha.  Are you still wanting to keep him DC?
    • Jordan Amavi
      By villarocker · Posted
      Something happened to him yesterday because there were at least three occasions in the second half when he had loads of space to overlap in to and he didn't go. He held back and received a nothing ball.  We'd switched to a back four then so maybe he was told not to bomb on. Maybe he wanted to but was worried about leaving the space in behind that has led to goals previously. Either way, he needs to have the confidence to run past people, especially when there's easy space to run in to.  It can't have helped him having Lescott and Clark playing on his side this season. Maybe if Crespo plays that side, Amavi will get his confidence back. 
    • Things you often Wonder
      By chrisp65 · Posted
      I've never really worried about alcohol free beer. I can take it or leave it when it comes to alcohol, I bought a single bottle of that Czech Pilsner Urquhart or whatever it's called about a week ago and it's still in the fridge. Perfectly happy to go nominated driver too when we go out on a trip. The only rule being, when I do rarely decide I'm going to be drinking there is no quarrel or debate. If I've said I'm drinking then I am out of the discussion for who's driving. I drive more than enough to be able to play that ace on what I consider to be the 'big games'.  
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