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  • Posts

    • U.S. Politics
      Ultimately there is only a very small chance that Sanders will even get the nomination even if he keeps winning primary elections. The Democratic Party (ironic name as you will see) allows unelected so called 'super-delegates' to cast votes regardless of how other members of the party have voted. The eventual party leader and nominee for president has to woo the super-delegates into supporting them and they can be anyone from party officials to members of the House - essentially not your average Joe Public (or Joe the Plumber.) The Democrats employ this system in order for the party higher-ups to keep some semblance of control and to avoid someone like, say Donald Trump, hijacking the party ticket (the Republicans don't use the same system to elect their candidate.) Sanders has basically campaigned on the fact that he has no super-delegate support and is an outsider who often contradicts the party line (similar to Corbyn in that regard.) Despite noises from the party being made that they would eventually rally to his side should he emerge as the party's favorite candidate, it is very different to what happened to Obama in '08. Obama was always friendly to the Democratic higher-ups and Bernie certainly isn't. Hilary is starting with a 362-8 advantage in Delegates who have already announced their preference for her.
    • Gym Routine
      Gone off the booze for Lent, so thought coupled with a new round of supplements and my old tried and trusted weight loss diet to see if i can drop some lbs. Looking for 10lbs in 40 days, which im hoping will be doable.   On an unrelated note, SMASHED biceps today!!
    • Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"
      Drawing soundwaves in audacity and then listening to my 'compositions'.
    • Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"
      That would be Su Pollard (I really wanted to be able to make drawings come to life). While I can see the similarity between Pollard & Eclair, when I hear Su Pollard's name mentioned, I picture the actress Janine Duvitski in "Abigail's Party".
    • Favourite Animals
      Mine would have been the cat, up until a few minutes ago when ours wandered in with poo all over his back legs, tail and bum.  Here he is, waltzing around, sitting down on the furniture, stinking the place out. And me, naked and drunk, with a handful of baby wipes. So at this moment in time I'm choosing the dog. A big scary dog that hates cats.
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      I am talking about post MON period.  Lerner gave MON free reign and he undoubtedly agreed some very generous deals/contracts and arguably paid over the going rate. But from then onwards, with a couple of exceptions, a wage cap was imposed that meant quality signings were almost impossible.  Lerner went from one extreme to the other and this led directly to our current demise. The writing was on the wall in the close season when Lambert  scoured the lower & foreign leagues signing the likes of Lowton, Bennett, Westwood, Bowery, Ahmadi, Sylla, Holman for the grand total of around £10 million. I doubt any of these were paid significant wages. Yes we signed Benteke but Lambert tried to sign others where we couldn't meet the wage demands.  I don't deny that we didn't have the revenue, but that really isn't the point. We needed more experience and quality. It was a a high risk strategy and ultimately a false economy that accellerared the spiral of decline. The so called 'project' of running a club on a shoestring was a Lerner induced pipe dream and unfortunately it is still the case.    
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