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  • Posts

    • PES 16
      Also, I might be doing something wrong, but can you see how much players are worth before you start negotiations?  I seem to have to enter negotiations before it then tells me a transfer fee. Seems like a waste of time
    • WWE: General Chat
      Yeah, the move that helped send Benoit insane. Thought at first it was a work but after seeing the speech, and all the talk about concussions, there's no way they'd use such a sensitive subject as a part of an angle in this day and age. Shame we never got to see him wrestle AJ Styles in the WWE. Would have been a 5 star match.
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      I agree with everything the good Dr Pangloss said, in the 21st century, what the **** are we all doing working 5 days a week, 37.5 hours for?  It's an archaic system/thinking which has not been bred out of us because the business owners/people who make large amounts of money don't want to change it - and why would they? The people that make these decisions don't work those hours (most of them), they're playing golf on a Friday. Since having my boy, and scarcely believing he's already 1 I've realized that I only see him a few hours a week.  I get home at 6 most nights, he goes to bed a 7.30 and from 7 we're calming him down, so let's say I see him 5 hours total on a weeknight.  Then I see him all day Saturday/Sunday.  He only grows up once and his nursery nurse see's him more than his mom and dad - there's something wrong with that. Thing is, my role could easily be accomplished in 3 days hard work, 4 days at a relative canter, 5 days is wasting my time, but y'know - mortgage payments and that.  And I'd only be doing myself out of a job if I were to say "you do know someone could do my job in 3 days". Stuck in the system and growing tired of it very quickly.  Thanks for my 25 days holiday (of which 4 have to be taken around Christmas) though yea?
    • PES 16
      The in game search function is ridiculous. He's there, but try searching for "dama" or portions of names. I just searched for Traore and couldn't find him either even though he's definitely in the game   Also try to sign a LB called Gutierrez but get him quick before he improves. Same goes for the CB Bazoer, though I'd imagine he'd be tougher to get since he plays for Ajax. 74 OR iirc.
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      But for injuries, I doubt he would be anywhere near the first team. He had an excellent game on Saturday, but I will reserve judgement until I see how he performs over the next number of games. 
    • Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - TTIP
      It's so obvious what the advantages of leaving would be. Whilst we are in europe we have to comply with their rules to sell them stuff and their stuff that we buy has to be of an agreed standard. Obviously if we weren't in the club making the rules we could sell them any old shit that didn't comply with their rules. We would also then be free to trade more with India. Currently Belgium does more trade with India than we do, so clearly it's the EU holding us back. To be honest Lapal, I think it comes down to what shade of grey suit you'd rather be **** over by. A somber dark grey British suit, a mid grey German suit, a stiff black Chinese suit, or a shiny silver American suit. You're free to pick any colour suit you fancy for your **** over, that's the beauty of democracy.  
    • PES 16
      Signing players is really difficult with the new patch IMO. Most of the time, talented young players with ratings of like 75 are pretty much unsignable, you have to bid like 5 times before you get accepted and then I get quoted a ridiculous price that I can't afford. I really wanted to sign Adama, but he went to Palermo and they wanted £20m for him! I remedied that by getting Iturbe on loan, he's an absolute monster.
    • 12 Team Fantasy Premier League Draft Style
      Finally brought in a Villa player. Cissokho for Lovren.
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