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  • Posts

    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By OutByEaster? · Posted
      The brash persona helps when we're winning, but right now, it makes you question whether he's here for the club or he thinks the club is here for him. He's said (after a defeat) that the team is full of new players that need to settle and learn to play together - but he's then changed the shape, the personnel and the tactics in just about every game so far this term. He's said he's the manager and that he'll both take full responsibility and that the buck stops with him - then an hour later he'll say the players need to be less boring, and with it imply that if they were doing what he told them then we'd be fine, then an hour later he'll say they aren't fit enough and he's going to put them on a punishing regime, without recognising that it's his job to have gotten them fit in the first place. I'm still waiting for some sort of recognition from him that it was his substitutions that cost us three points from the Leicester game. He says he'll take full responsibility in a way that suggests he once saw Mourinho say it on the telly - saying it is one thing, I'd like to see him actually do it. His column in the programme yesterday had a headline about there being no point in looking back over the start we've had to the season, that looking forward is the only way we'll fix it - there's an admirable positivity in that, but I think it also exposes his biggest weakness - he's incapable of reflection, even less so of recognising his own mistakes or taking ownership of them, and therefore there seems to be very little likelihood that he'll rectify them. There is a point to looking back over the poor start we've had and it's avoiding repeating it through not making the same errors - I am completely unconvinced in his ability to do that. A shame, there's a lot I like about him, his energy, the confidence, the positivity - but he doesn't learn, he can't read a game and he makes every match look like it's his first at the club.    
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By Plastic Man · Posted
      Historically speaking, we aren't always shit, and we're certainly not one of the worst teams in Europe. It's embarrassing being in the position that we're in, but there's still a lot of games ahead and it's too early to say, "we're going down." That is not written in the stars.
    • Fantasy Football 2015/6
      By Zatman · Posted
      mate had him triple captain only double for myself
    • Idrissa Gana Gueye
      By Razor · Posted
      Classy? Riiiight
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By Spoony · Posted
      I actually barely care anymore. We are always shit. We are one of the worst teams in Europe. We deserve to go down. If I didn't support Villa I'd love us to go down. We are dreadful and are an embarrassment to the league.
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