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  • Posts

    • U.S. Politics
      It's not really an election though.  It is a circus from what i can see run with so much money and waste that it kind of kills the whole point,  if you spend a billion getting into office and say i will help the poor.  I suspect the billion dorras could have a bigger effect immediately than the trickle down politics of those in power and thus makes a mockery of the whole thing IMO. I bet they think it's really good as well.  
    • U.S. Politics
      not entirely surprising. I know this is wildly generalistic,  but I do find that broadly speaking those who've actually come into contact with different kinds of people regularly tend to realise they aren't spawns of the devil coming to mess up their nice local traditions and just want to live their own life too, and therefore are a bit more empathetic to people's fates than gun toting independent folk who just want a steak sandwich and everyone to get off their land.  As well as the US just being rather geographically massive, the lifestyle habits of isolated farmers / small town communities is going to vary from the urbanite cosmopolitan set.    Like I say, ever so slightly broad sweeps of the brush there  but there is a bit of truth in it, although I'm quickly going to edit it and just clarify that obviously not all rural folk are ignoramus' with a penchant for bigotry nor are urbanites of pure mind with fantastical ideals for progress. 
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      we need to win the next 2 then I think we'll be virtually back in the pack. March is a very tough month but 2 wins would give everybody at the club belief. I think the players have it more than the fans at the minute so 2 wins would be immense for us the fans. We need a vibrant Villa Park to have a chance. 
    • Cricket: General Chat
      I see the squad has been named for the T20 World Cup: Eoin Morgan (Middlesex) (Capt)                                                       
      Moeen Ali (Worcestershire)
      Sam Billings (Kent)
      Jos Buttler (Lancashire)
      Liam Dawson (Hampshire)
      Steven Finn (Middlesex)
      Alex Hales (Nottinghamshire)
      Chris Jordan (Sussex)
      Adil Rashid (Yorkshire)
      Joe Root (Yorkshire)
      Jason Roy (Surrey)
      Ben Stokes (Durham)
      Reece Topley (Hampshire)
      James Vince (Hampshire)
      David Willey (Yorkshire) Interesting squad. Was Obvious KP wasn't going to get a look in, but Luke Wright has been pulling up trees (not that I've ever been his biggest fan), so was thinking he'd get a look in. Also for the last two seasons, Woakes has been just about the best death bowler in the T20 Champoinship. I know his form is a little off (in the test side), but I'd have took him over Jordan every day of the week.
    • U.S. Politics
      From my time in New Hampshire, it felt like a redneck state in the country and a New England state in the towns and cities.  Very odd.
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      I'm not sure that's classed as average I thought that was the legal minimum for full time employment over a full year. As I said I'm not exactly claiming I'm hard done by but it seems that quite a few people here are getting a fair bit more than that.
    • Jores Okore
      Really? I would say keep Bunn, Richards , Lescott, Okore, Cissokho, Amavi, Bacuna Gueye, Veretout, Gardner, Westwood, Grealish, Traore, Ayew I would get rid of Guzan, Hutton, Richardson, Clark, Baker, Sanchez, Sinclair, Agbonlahor, Nzogbia (happening anyway), Gestede, Kozak,   There is no way we can only keep 4 players  
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      We're in the zone though where one bad week will see us fall 11 points adrift again, and then the glimmer fades significantly. We need to win the next couple of games, and then when we lose 1 or 2 it won't finish us.