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  • Posts

    • The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread
      Really?? That sounds hard to believe doesn't it.
    • The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread
      And that Valencia kid who went viral a few days ago for the seemingly-atrocious dive against Celtic in the youth cup will be out for 6 months with a cruciate injury.  He's only getting a partial apology from me though.  He still allowed the referee to give the free and never tried to stick up for the opponent by stating that it was not a foul.  So he's still an opportunistic cheat.  Enjoy your injury
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I actually made a prediction at the start of this season that a manager was going to come from nowhere and take an unfashionable club and possibly win the Premier against the all the odds, I was rather hoping that that would be Aston Villa and had my eyes on Garde to deliver my prediction before we sacked Sherwood, so I was delighted when we appointed him. That's one of the reasons I don't want Leicester to win the league because I'd rather we fulfill my 'prophecy' rather than them.
    • The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread
      There was some crazy stat about a Barca player never having won POTM, until someone managed it last season or early this.  I can only imagine it's because it's hard to pick one out of the group.  But yeah, mental altogether.
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      Ultimately what does difference does it make to us as fans whether Gabby makes 40,50,60K? As much as we describe AVFC as 'our' club - it is isn't and therefore not our choice what he is paid. It always make me laugh to here fans moaning how much he is paid. If some of the rumours are true the problem in January was that Lerner, Hollis, Fox or whoever the **** is running our club wouldn't pay the wages being demand by some of our targets.  If Gabby had left in January they may have given his salary to another new striker but I suspect it still wouldn't have been enough to attract someone better. Not that long ago the likes of Warnock was being 45k - Gabby isn't great but he is more important than the like of Warnock and NZogbia who were all paid similar money. The money paid to Premier League footballers is totally meaningless in the big scheme of things. Not being prepared to pay the going rate is one of the reasons AVFC are in the shit! As I said in a previous post Gabby hasn't been very good for quite a while but he is all we have for now and slagging him off will not make him better - possibly the reverse. His lack of a celebration clearly shows he has taken all the flak to heart. He is never been the brightest button and is more likely to respond to praise.  FFS people should stop moaning and support him. If we go down anyway the moaners can spend the summer griping!
    • The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread
      Has the award only been going two months or something?
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      At this moment in time I wouldn't swap Garde for any other football manager I can possibly think of. With Garde we'll astonish football.
    • WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.
      Those kid jokes are my favourite jokes. 'The Best Part what is the best part of bread…… bread'.