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  • Posts

    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I endorse that. He knows the problem and so does Tom Ross. Hopefully in the next transfer window, some things will be improved , but for me this is a long arduous job......not a short quick fix.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      Agree with all of that. I said when Garde came in that if he could get this team organised and working hard we would pick up results based on that alone. That's how teams lacking quality get points. It's dull, but it works to an extent. The City game made me think he'd already gone some way to achieving that. The Everton game less so.
      Hopefully Garde and Duverne can get the team playing like that.
    • Things you often Wonder
      Muphy's accent got better, but I did find it a bit dodgy at first. I seem to recall he hung around in a few pubs in Digbeth, to get the hang of it. I was reading that Sam Neil got a lot of stick for his Northern Irish accent. Apparently he got lessons from James Nesbitt and Liam Neeson, but then had to tone it down, so Americans could understand it.
    • January 2016 Transfer Speculation
      I'd actually disagree with all those 5 apart from Valdes, although admittedly I know nothing about Ramirez so that's out of not having enough knowledge. But I don't think Nolan, Bamford or Rhodes would be what we're looking for. Out of the three I'd say Rhodes is the most likely to add something.   (but where we're going, we don't need Rhodes) #recyclingjokes
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      We have our moments Stevo, but I absolutely agree with you on this. The chances are and all things being equal better teams than us will beat us. Where the variables come in is if we work harder than them we may catch them on a day that they don't to work as hard a us and the better technical ability is negated. My problem has been I don't think ( Man City aside) we have been working hard enough, running around the pitch and not closing the opposition down is not my idea of hard work, getting in players faces and battling for the ball is my interpretation of hard work. A horse running fast around a race track with no Jockey on is my idea of Ineffective......That is what we have been tantamount to.
    • Micah Richards
      There are similarities in the comments, which is why I'm cautious about what Richards has said here. But there are also differences in the scenarios. I don't think the players, before the cup final, needed a "kick up the arse". League performances had dipped but we were riding a wave in the cup. The manager should have been building confidence and reassuring his players that they were good enough, not kindly reminding the world how shit they were. In this case, things can't really get any worse, so I'm more inclined to accept the hard line technique. I'd still prefer it was done behind closed doors though and not in the public eye.     But I still wouldn't be surprised if Remi and Richards planned this.
    • Things you often Wonder
      I think Cillian's is a decent effort in that. In fact I think most of the accents in that are ok. Polly's isn't good though
    • Things you often Wonder
      How about that Polly on Peaky Blinders?  An otherwise very good actress.  Accent appalling. You can tell who the actual Brummies are in that programme, and none of them have the big roles.  The only non Brummie that gets really close is the guy who plays Arthur.  Cillian's is passable.