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  • Posts

    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Agree. It's very hard to see anything but a dark future for the club. I can't put into words how much I hate that man Randy Lerner and how he has ruined Aston Villa.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      We probably wouldn't have lost 6-0 if Pulis had been in charge as he would have organised us better. Probably 4-0 
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      It matters not as long as Lerner is here
    • Your England Euro 2016 squad.
      O.k so we're only 3 months away from it being named now. Thought I'd start it after seeing Woy on MOTD last night give some worrying answers...the usual of we can fit Rooney on the left again, oh dear. He did in fairness though make a good point that this is probably the most flexible England squad in a long while. They can play 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3. Although whether that will maximise the talent or be a case of shoe horning players into positions as we saw at the World Cup is very much open to debate. Anyway though contary to popular belief there are a fair number of English players playing very well in the league this season. Leicester guys, Dier and Ali at Spurs, Butland has been brilliant at Stoke and now Forster is keeping clean sheet after clean sheet at Southampton. With keepers Hart, Forster and Butland is probably the best state England have been in with Goalkeeping in 20 years I 'd say since you had Tim Flowers and Nigel Martyn as back up to Seaman. Defence not sure really on fullback, lots of options but are their really stand out picks. Some would have Clyne as RB, others Kyle Walker, Woy will probably go for Phil Jones....o.k I joke I think. Smalling and Stones would be my CB picks but Cahill is a regular so doubt that. Midfield is an important pick. I wouldn't lose any sleep if Henderson, D*lph, Carrick etc didn't get called up, to me they're part of the lost generation. Let's say Miler, Ali, Dier and Barkley instead. And what to do upfront? Kane, Vardy and Rooney are certs (before we have another endless Rooney debate he is Captain so he'll obviously go). What happens if Sturridge and Welbeck both stay fit and score hatfuls in the run ins? 5 strikers plus a winger or two is a bit much for a squad of 23 I think. I'll post my 23 near the time as we all full well know a key player or two will get injured. Interesting to think who will or won't make the cut, not an easy squad to pick at all.
    • What do we do about it?
      Put the club on sale on Ebay. If it gets picked up in the media or social media it will embarrass Lerner if nothing else.  
    • Arsenal
      Oh wow. Leicester season is a failure because they over performed for the whole amount and then  they adjust to their mean towards the end of the season (instead of adjusting throughout the 38 games)!? Seriously...!?
    • Arsenal
      Yes, absolutely I think that. You don't think they would regard getting to first place only to lose all of the last twelve games of the season as a failure? Your belief that people don't revise their expectations in the face of evidence is nonsensical.  At the start of the season, I 'expected' Villa to finish circa 14th, to show some improvement on last season. Now I think finishing last but on at least 25 points would be a triumph of sorts.  Why is the yardstick set in mid-August last year the only one that matters?