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  • Posts

    • General Chat
      Dunno about Poles, but my mate is married to a Bulgarian woman, and she is VERY stylish. Never seen without makeup and smart clothes.
    • Micah Richards
      He really wasn't 
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Maybe you should have a look at the league table for 85/6 & 86/7 & 87/8 & 88/9 where we finished behind  the clubs mentioned and other similar smaller clubs -  wimbledon, watford, Oxford, QPR, West Ham, Southampton, Luton, Coventry, Norwich, Forest, Sheff Wed., charlton, Millwall.... The point of me pointing this out is not to be pedantic, and not to dismiss the anger, but to say that things are not quite as they might seem. It's always been the case that bigger clubs when they fall will have smaller clubs ahead of them and it will always seem (and be the case) that they will have fallen behind the smaller clubs. None of that is to dismiss the utter mess that's been made of things, or the behaviours of the past few years.    
    • January 2016 Transfer Speculation
      On FM (I know I know) Demarai Gray has a £5m release clause. Looking online and it seems the clause is real and Leicester were going to sign him. 1) Adds pace and width 2) Can benefit from a few months in the PL, can certainly offer something in the championship 3) Resale value should be taken into consideration if we don't get back up for a while. 4) The club will need to retain the fans somehow and a young exciting winger is probably the start to in doing so. 5) He will come (even though we are horrifically bad we are still a step up) If we are to do it we must do in January as I can imagine a few premier league clubs will be in for him next summer. Thoughts?
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      I think we will have to stick with him no matter what. You can't have 4 full time managers in less than a season and a half. 
    • General Chat
      no offence but that's a rather baffling statement ...
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I love the optimism on this site! The reality is we are bottom of the table and deserve to be there. Remi Garde or any manager can not turn this around sadly. The players we have at our disposal are not good enough to compete in this league. Who would want to come to villa in January when we are in the bottom three . No one available would be any  good or would improve the team. Would the chairman sanction a spending spree, I think not ! Its really sad but we need to prepare for reality and life in the championship. First we need an owner who wants to be successful and  and move the club forward. Until RL sells up the misery will continue as a villa fan and I would I would be seriously concerned about How competitive we would be in the championship . Until he goes I fear the worst is yet to come. UTV
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Agree. Usually you are supposed to keep the spine of the team in order to retain a good chance of coming back up but this team has very little steel about them both mentally and physically and would just get eaten up in the championship. Big changes are needed in the summer.
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