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  • Posts

    • VPN
      yes it can, you just use a server and ip address from wherever you need, ie NZ, USA etc.....if its just to watch us or all Premier League matches why pay for Premier League Pass or Bein? There are many many sites out there that can stream good quality pictures and all for free. Just check out the links from Chewi in any of the match threads. They will take you to loads of good sites that have loads of sports on them.
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      Sorry for quoting people unnecessarily!    Lying in hospital having been admitted last night with a suspected deep vein thrombosis. I want to smack the bloke in the head who is in the bed opposite!!!  Had to listen to the moaning idiot as he was in the next cubicle to me when in emergency assessment unit. Basically from what ive overheard, he has been in all day sunday, had his breakfast dinner and tea here, doctors have told him, after having a load of tests, that there is nothing wrong with him. He can go home, but he says he cant because he feels unwell. On top of this, he has continually been rude, & aggressive, demanded copius amounts of tea, diazapam, painkillers...u name it. Now because of the chronic shortage of beds they have had to open a little ward to accommodate me, 2 other blokes and this prize bellend! So im now lying here, wide awake, with a calf that feels like its going to explode, listening to my 'mate' snore, fart, and be generally obnoxious. I don't know how long i can bite my tongue!!   
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Game by game.. Theres no way of predicting the results this season.. We can think Sunderland may lose 10 games or so.. but you just never know. For all we know West Brom wont win a game for the rest of the season and go down. (i hope people bring this post up after it came true!) So all we can do is take it game by game like we did with Norwich. Lets see if we can beat Liverpool and see what results came of it after this round. At least some HOPE has been restored. As well as the confidence. Look at Chelsea.. no confidence with such a great squad and they are not even in the top 10.   
    • The Anime & Manga Thread
      Been reading Gantz, got up to the 100 points part, ah man, right in the feels.
    • PES 16
      What I normally do is stand off and anticipate the shot so I can put a foot in at the right moment. Doesn't always work, but it helps when I press the shoot button I think which calls another defender over to help out. So if I miss, it might get a deflection off of them. I also turned up the difficulty to Superstar yesterday and it's hard, but more of a satisfying difficulty. I was worried about it being like FIFA like you said but I've been pleasantly surprised. Almost every game is hard fought, and wins feel so satisfying now. Holding onto 1-0 leads is actually a thing now, before it was just a matter of when I'll score next. Now, a goal is not guaranteed as I've had a few 0-0 draws so I sit on leads against the big sides sometimes. It means I'm nowhere near the title now  but it gives me a goal to work towards which gives the game a longer lifespan. Great stuff in all.
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      He's almost certainly scored at least 3x more PL goals than the rest of the squad put together.