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  • Posts

    • Star Wars: VII, VIII & IX
      I do very late shifts at Cineworld (down here)
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      That's your opinion. And whilst it's a valid and understandable one, it is a wish rather than a reality. 

      The reality is there is a huge difference in work ethics from player to player. It's the manager's job to create an environment where a poor work ethic is unacceptable, which should motivate players to comply.
    • Albums of the Year 2015
      Couple of extras for you then of some lesser known bands, mainly American Hipster stuff but each to their own I suppose Other Lives - Rituals Froth - Patterns Hanni El Khatib - Head in the Dirt Leon Bridges - Coming Home Definitely missed a few off the list, need to get on my iTunes player when I get home.  Thursday is music and beer night afterall
    • The Chairman Mao resembling, Queen hating, threat to Britain, Labour Party thread
      Glad to have been of service. You are indeed capable of making your own mind up, but if you think there is no attempt to subliminally manipulate the information you receive in order to affect the judgments you make you are, simply, wrong. And if you think you know there is and are therefore immune to it, you are, again, wrong. As to your comments about Labour supporting newspapers, completely irrelevant to the point I was making, nothing to do with it all.  Im not talking about support, or how good or bad he is, or whether you or I agree with him.  As I said, I would think people who want freedom of individual choice would be ferverently on the lookout for any hint of unfair reporting, yet it seems you mayve missed it ? If you like pop over to Bewdley and Ill sit with you in the Pub for two hours. I will talk non stop, and the ONLY thing I will do is show you examople after example after example.  If after that you still feel he has been treated properly and fairly, fair enough.   But you wont.   And as for Labour supporting you know of any other than the Mirror ?  Because thats the only one. I wont apologise for the tone of my post. As I said in it, I have no issue with people hearing facts (full, and untainted by prejudicial wording) and then deciding for themselves.and presumably those who think his views are appalling would like this too, so that he is fully, yet fairly, exposed.   And Mantis, your point about the Bin Laden quote doesnt alter any of this. I am just as much against misquoting or half listening because of the point you can people form a view without unbiased and informative facts. And I dont know what yo mean when you say the full quote in context is worse ? He was merely pointing out that it is ALL a tragedy, as in as a whole story, and that each different part of it is part of the tragedy. He is not saying Bin Ladens death is in itself tragic, but part of a tragedy. And by this he means the abondonmenyt of the rule of law, and failure to bring Bin Laden to trial, is , in his opinion, part of the tragedy because it lessens our own civility and morality and adherence to the rule of law, it may stoke further violence, and so on. That doesnt mean he is right, it is just an opinion, and people are free to say they DONT feel it dilutes our moral authority, or it did not add to the issues, or that it was simply right to do it....all fair enough. But there is a world of difference between that and the way it was, and still is, portrayed.
    • Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"
      I just virtualised my work machine and run it on my home gaming rig, it's so nice not taking 5 minutes to load some of the more cumbersome software we use. It's a damn sad state of affairs that it's quicker to run stuff through a VM than on the 'new' laptop I virtualised though. There are fewer cats sitting on my keyboard at work though, so that somewhat impacts my WFH productivity.
    • The Chairman Mao resembling, Queen hating, threat to Britain, Labour Party thread
      Well why, in that case did William Hague and the EU talk to them? And the same is the case with Hamas - because the politicians to their credit want to try and stop the killing . Double standards
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      There should be no excuse to any professional footballer not having a first rate work ethic. No excuse at all.