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  • Posts

    • Leandro Bacuna
      Horrific yesterday, really poor player IMO.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I should think he will get paid more for us even if he has to take a cut in the Championship then he would at Lyon.  Plus he's been there and done that, I'd be more worried about another club coming in rather than Lyon.
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      With that sort of money, if we dont come streight back up we will not be able to compete with the clubs that get relegated. Will the relegated clubs still get parachute payments ? and how much ?
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      luck or skill we should be celebrating the fact that he actually scored a goal. He is all we have right now so we have to back him and hope this goal gives him some confidence for the remaining games.
    • The Randy Lerner thread
      Is it true that Lerner and Co are going to redecorate the inside of VP for next term ? taking some idears from White Hart lane as well. Apparently they are thinking of replacing "Southgate passes the ball to Greydon" to something like "we were a great club now we are a laughing stock" and where Spurs have stuff like " the game is all about glory" we are going to have "This club is all about cutting cost' 
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      This is what we want!.. Premier League TV Rights Money Distribution (2016-19)  FEBRUARY 11, 2015 BY TOTALSPORTEK   If there was any doubt that Premier League is not only the most watched league in the world but also the richest in terms of revenue all around specially from the TV rights deal, these doubts has been erased with the new three year domestic deal which Premier League secured this week with a staggering £5.136 billion over the next three years from 2016-17 season to 2018-19. Today we take a look at the numbers on both domestic and oversees deals plus smaller deals like highlights packages etc and see how much in total Premier League will get from the new TV deal plus how the money will be distributed among 20 premier league sides in next three years. But first lets take  look how the premier league UK TV rights deal was sold and what is expected from oversees deal. Premier League TV Rights Deal 2016-2019: After a intense week of bidding war between UK based channels and foreign networks, SkySports and BT Sports retained their Premier League live match packages just like the last deal but at significant higher price with total increase of around 70% compared to last tv deal while BBC also splashed out 13% more on retaining Highlight package and secured the future of “Match of the Day” Now lets take look at numbers game of the domestic deal. Total cost of the three-season Domestic TV Rights Money – £5.50 billion SkySports Packages (5 package 126 live games) – £4.2 billion BTsports Packages (2 packages 42 live games) – £960 million BBC Match Of the Day Highlights Deal – £204 million other bits like sun goal app and uk media rights – £150 million Here is a short summary on how the tv rights were sold among BT Sports and SkySports, when the matches will be shown and what packages both channels bought. Give you slight idea on how lucarative this deal is for premier league. Oversees TV Rights Deal (Expected) – £3 billion The 2013-16 oversees deal was worth around £2 billion and it is sure to increase for the next three year period 2016-19 according to experts the new oversees tv rights deal sale should reach over £3 billion easily which means a total of around £8.5 billion is expected from the combined domestic + Oversee tv rights deal. TV Rights Money Distribution Among Premier League Clubs: Unlike other big leauges around europe, in premier league tv rights money and prize money is distributed among all 20 premier league sides equally. Lets take a look how the system works. Premier League Prize Money Pool: The premier league prize money pool is setup with two portions of money. A ) Domestic TV rights deal money Oversees TV rights Deal money I will try to explain how both sets of rights deal are distributed between 20 premier league clubs. A) Domestic TV rights deal distribution: So the money from domestic rights deal will be divided according to the following formula. 50% Divided equally among 20 premier league clubs 25% merit money, and distributed among 20 clubs according to final league position. 25% Facility Fee, is given out to clubs for live televised matches in UK. The more live matches a team feature more money is awarded For example with the current deal £750,000 is given each time a team features in a live match. Last season Manchester United featured in 25 live matches so facility fee was 25x£750k= 18.7 million.  Oversees TV rights Deal Distribution: 100% of oversees tv rights deal money is distributed equally among all teams. last year £32 million was given to every premier league club. TV Money Distribution Infograph: How the Premier League Money will be distributed among 20 premier league clubs from season 2016-17 to 2018-19. The infograph has details on the the portion of prize money which will be shared equally and the one which will be shared according the merit and how many matches will be shown live on tv of a specific club.                                                           (to enlarge the image below please click on it) Prize Money Distribution    DETAILS Oversees TV Rights Money 100% is divided equally among 20 clubs Domestic TV Rights Money 50% is divided equally Merit Money 25% of Domestic rights money (£1.2m for every position, the higher the club finish more the payout is. Cardiff got £1.2m Champions City £24 million) Facility Fee  25% of Domestic rights money (£750,000 for every live match for a team or £7.5 million minimum which ever is higher)
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      It was his second game of this campaigne,if it was not luck and he really is that good then he needs to start every game. 
    • Gabby Agbonlahor
      It was a great goal and a great assist from Veretout.