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  • Posts

    • Jack Grealish
      Paul I went to a mates 60 th not too long back and Bobby was there fit as a butchers dog. good lad Bobby.   Ps sorry for going off topic
    • Trials
      I should be on this later in between the Fury fight, hoping to hear some more Stefan rage. #prayformarcela #baba
    • Micah Richards
      Richards has said exactly what most of us are thinking. We can't afford to shy away from it. We have to pick up points between now and Jan and its up to this bunch to do it. They need to realise what's necessary to do it. After the performance at Everton it's an ideal time to tell,a few home truths before a game that's must win. I think we have some decent talented players but that's nothing without the application. He also states we need PL exp players in Jan and that playing is better than sitting on a bench somewhere. All things you want your captain to say hopefully to encourage spending and other players to get off their arse and play. If any player takes it personally and wilts they aren't the type we need or want here. 
    • Playstation 4
      Anyone seen any decent PS+ 12 month subscription deals? Mines running out soon and I'm not just auto-renewing!
    • January 2016 Transfer Speculation
      I've give this some thought and have come to the conclusion we need; Keeper,rb,lb,chx2,cmx2,lm,rm,forwardx2. And if possible some compatant subs. I can't think of 1 player who has done well so far this season. Richards so of tries but isn't a centre back, the rest? Well I just don't see any of them as good enough. Add to that I don't see anyone really giving their all. Some how RG has to get these players to give a shit, I truly feel sorry for him.  
    • The Chairman Mao resembling, Queen hating, threat to Britain, Labour Party thread
      I don't know what categories you'd be expecting on the cards but I think she'd take some beating in the 'biggest gobshite' one.
    • Premier League Predictions 15/16 GW14
      Villa 2-0 Watford
      Bournemouth 0-2 Everton
      Palace 2-0 Newcastle
      ManCity 2-1 Southampton
      Sunderland 0-1 Stoke
      Leicester 1-1 ManUtd
      Spurs 1-1 Chelsea
      WestHam 1-0 WestBrom
      Liverpool 2-1 Swansea
      Norwich 0-3 Arsenal
    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      Your overall point is good, and I'm being pedantic perhaps but that part quoted doesn't stand up well to scrutiny. Where did you get it from? paveway, not pathway. Laser (and gps) guided bomb, not missile. Payload cost probably not far off, but they wouldn't release all of those stores on every mission. Far from it. It's been around one in 10 missions so far in Iraq, I think, for the RAF where they've dropped anything, and it wouldn't be everything on the aircraft, just one store, two at most. Fuel and running costs, would have to include the entire cost of the Operating base, all the crew training, ground crew training, all the wages, all the other people who do the admin and clean and cook and so on, all kind of averaged out over the number of aircraft, and the average number of hours flown, plus the actual fuel cost, to come to the figure you say. And even then, the tax on those wages, and on other costs goes back into the treasury. And all of that stuff is already paid for, whether the aircraft bomb Syria or not. Syria is closer to akrotiri than is Iraq. Less fuel to get there. 6 hours per sortie is wildly high. So the actual cost of each mission in terms of fuel, payload released, servicing on return to base, repairs etc. will be a small fraction of your "1 million pounds per mission". It still won't be cheap, but hyperbole doesn't help people understand.